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Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


31. stories

"Mum, dad you have to tell us how you two started dating since we already know that you two have been friends since forever" Ashton and I looked at each other then I nodded well..."

-flash back-

I sat on the couch listening to the boys play it was only me, Calum, Luke and Michael Ashton lived on the other side of town but we faced time and hung out at cafes. Me and Michael were the only two who actually knew Ashton and Michael's been trying to convince him to join the band. "Well?" I asks "he said he will come perform with us at the club" I smiled "great!" Hours past and Ashton came in dressed rolled up jeans, re-


"You wore jeans!?!" Tyler ask shocked "yes now let us talk..."

-flash back- converse and a goofy looking t-shirt which I thought was cute, since he was the only one who could drive we rode with him, of course I sat in the front seat. We weren't officially dating or even been on a date we just started kissing and being touchy with each other but that was it. The boys knew about us of course "how was school?" His hands laced with mine making me blush "it was good math of course was horrible" I said rolling my eyes. He laughed placing a hand on my thigh "hey hands off of her now!" Michael said swatting his hand away. Michael has alway been protective of me; we made it to the cafe and the boys set up and started performing.


"Skip to the dating part!" I scowled at Karen "no interruptions" I say to the two and they quickly nodded.

-flash back-

After they performed Ashton dropped them off and we went to the beach, a beach that was set up as picnic. "I thought this would be nice for our irate date, I know you love looking at the sky you look at it every time we drive around" I blushed. He watches me in order to know me instead of asking which I thought was amazing. We sat at the beach eating and watching the stars until a crab pinched Ashton "hold still this might heart a little...maybe" I pulled the crab off and let it go into the water "you ok?" He nodded and we continued our first official date. Two weeks after our date he asked me to be his girl friend through my favorite song hero by Enrique Iglesias and let's just say after that song that left us in bed together for the first time.

-flash back over-

"Mum, I thought you all grew up with each other" I giggled "we did I known all four boys since I was 3 Ashton just lived on the other side of town where my dad's company is. My dad knows his step dad; Michael,Calum and Luke I met in kindergarten." Tyler had his hand raised "yes Tyler?" I ask "what did you and dad do in bed?" I looked at Ashton "we...just... ummm..." "slept, we slept after playing video games" Ashton said quickly. I'm really not ready to give them the 'talk' I think I'll leave that for Ashton yup that will be his job as a dad.

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