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Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


44. pregnant again!

The test came out positive I'm actually pregnant and I couldn't be much happier. I can't wait to tell Ashton after his interview of course. Me and the girls sat at the hotel together talking "I have some good news" I pulled Allen back into my arms to keep him from crawling away. "I'm pregnant again!" They congratulated me "well that makes all of us huh?" I looked at Riandi and Raz in shock "your both pregnant as well" they nodded with a smile. "We haven't told the boys yet" we started talking about baby names and the gender. "We might as well make a pregnant club" I joked. Karen came running in panicked "Karen what's wrong?" Tears are falling down her face "Karen calm down take deep breaths what's wrong?" I ask "it's Andy we ordered a peanut butter jelly sandwich-" I cut her off "he's allergic to peanut butter! How is that possible he ate peanut butter before why is it starting to effect him now?" The girls got up and followed me to the room. I found Andy crying and his breathing was off because of his swollen "I'll call the hospital" Shay said quickly already calling 9-1-1 "and I'll call Ashton" Raz said "I'm sorry mom" I hushed her "it's not you're fault you didn't know and neither did I" I ran to Andy and held him in my arms trying to calm him down. Medics came in taking my little boy and placing him in the hospital bed and into the back of the truck. I joined him while the girls go into their cars, Dave sat with me holding my hand letting me know that everything is going to be ok. "How could this happen he ate peanut butter before?" I ask the nurse that's watching his pulse answered my question. "Sometimes the body just stops agreeing with a food or product you consume and have a bad reaction. It's not your fault it happened to my little sister apparently she's allergic to sea food. It happens, once we get him to the hospital we will get him cleared up give him a shot then give him a prescription of EpiPens ."

We made it to the hospital and saw Ashton and the boys already there with panicking looks on their face. "Where is he?" I held on to Ash arm calming him down "he's in the emergency room right now" we go inside and met up with the girls and had the triplets. Ashton became very antsy so I calmed him down "Mr and Mrs. Irwin?" We both stood up following the nurse "he's fine right now he's sleeping, when he wakes up and we check him one more time he can be released." I smiled "thank you"

Andy woke up from his nap and the nurse came in to do what she needs to do to him and we were released. "What happened mommy?" Ashton held him close "you were having an allergic reaction to peanut butter meaning you can't eat peanut butter anymore or any kind of nuts." Paparazzi started taking pictures of us and asking questions but we ignored them going back to the hotel.

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