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Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


36. new home

A week past since the whole kidnapping and Ashton became really paranoid. He started laying cameras everywhere and having security around 24/7.  He has baby monitors almost everywhere, safety locks on everything, muzzles on honey and teddy, a gate in front of our house and a freaking alarm system with a password. Zayn was nice enough to fly down here and paint the baby room again and of course allowed Jess to help. "What's with all the safety? It's like you guys are hiding diamonds and gold" I giggled "well you can thank Ashton ever since the kidnap he's never kept his eyes off me or the kids. I really appreciate you coming down here" I laid a hand on his shoulder "it's no problem at all  especially since I'll be the god father of the babies" he kissed my cheek and went down stairs to take a break. Dave had security spread out in different places and of course they played around with us and kept an on me and the kids. A guard for Karen two for Jess and Andy and a guard for Tyler. Ashton hired three guards for me and the rest to protect the house. They leave around 6 in the after noon and come back around 8 in the morning. Zayn finished painting and slept in the guess bed with Jess laying on top of him so I took a picture posting it on Instagram.  "Hey baby" Ashton wrapped his arms around me kissing down my neck "hey" I giggled pulling his face down so I can kiss him. "Is this really necessary?" I ask "yup it's the only way I can protect you the triplets and our kids I don't want to lose you guys" I laughed "well can you at least cut down on some of the security?" He shook his head "not a chance" I sighed "I thought so."

The next day we had the kids get ready so they can hang with their grandparents while me and the boys go to the hospital and check on the babies.  "Dr. Hansen" I say and he nodded "please come this way" he laid me on the bed and squirt the cold gel on my tummy "well...they are still perfectly healthy,'re not that far from labor since your having triplets they might come in around 2 months instead of 3" my eyes widened "wait I only have 2 months? But I'm only 2months away" he smiled "don't worry it's just a measurement but for safety keep an eye on her just in case. She might still be due in 5 months" (if anyone didn't know 9 months is a myth) after the appointment we went shopping for baby cloths and stuff for the kids."Ivy, you ok?" I nodded "are you sure I can call Dr-" I cut him off "Ashton I'm perfectly fine, I'm just scared that the babies might come a little early. What do you want to do for Valentine day?" I ask "Valentine's Day right...uh" well this is a bad sign, please tell me he didn't forget about Valentine's Day. We made it home and set everything in the baby room "hey, Ivy is back" I laughed "hey Riandi and yes, I'm back. I do live here with the rest of you guys and gals."

-Ashton's pov-

Keeping a secret from Ivy is the hardest thing ever, I told her to send the kids off because 1) I was planing our special Valentine together 2)I didn't want the kids spilling the surprise and 3)to keep them out of the way and have private time with my baby even though the babies are in the way but it's cool though. Riandi warned the others that Ivy is here and that gave me time to take her to our room that way she doesn't see the surprise. Honey and teddy slept near the bed room door while pep slept on our bed since Jess isn't here. "Ashton can you help me" a light blush spread across her face and I smiled "you shouldn't be embarrassed to ask for help" I help her take her shoes off and get her into her nightgown "night my beautiful babies" I kissed Ivy and her tummy that is filled with my triplets.

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