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Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


45. miscarriage

Ashton and the boys were really excited after hearing about me and the girls having a baby. Now we're in America we've been on tour for awhile and it's almost time to go back home "hey baby and babies" the triplets smiled showing their gums which was adorable. They kicked their tiny legs as Ashton picked Allen up making him squeal he poked Ashton and started scratching at his face "this really hurts" Ashton said. I grabbed Avery and started changing her diaper Levy started crying so Ashton picked him up and laid Allen on the blanket where he can crawl around on. Karen have been doing her homework, Tyler is with his tutor and Andy is also with his tutor while I am sitting on the hotel couch cuddling with Ashton "I love you so much" I kissed him "I love you too" he deepened the kiss, I felt his hands slide between my thighs getting closer to my heat but I stopped him. "Ivy" he groaned "Ashton" mimicked back "it's ok to have sex while you're pregnant it's approved by doctors" I rolled my eyes at how horny he is. The tutors left after we paid them "mom can I go to the mall?" Ever since that incident with Andy, I couldn't bare to keep my eyes off them. I baby proofed everything and made sure everything is germ free "sure but Calum has to go with you and take Tyler with you" Calum is more responsible than Luke and Michael. Karen grabbed her phone and Ashton handed her $200 to split with her brother then she grabbed Tyler and pulled him to Calum's room. Andy ate his gold fish while watching teen titans go. "I don't get this show" Ashton said and I agreed "the original is better" I played with hands and muscles "what are you thinking about?" "How far we came and the wedding" he kissed the palm of my hand "after the tour we will have enough time to plan the wedding." He kissed me on the lips then got up "where are you going?" I asked feeling alone "I have to go take a piss and maybe a shit" I scrunched up my nose "that's gross I didn't need to know all that" he laughed. Levy started crying which ended with Allen and Avery crying as well, I groaned not really wanting to get up. After changing and feeding went back to lay down "mommy I'm bored" Andy looked at me with those big puppy dog  eyes "me and you both. Why don't we have daddy take us to power rangers" then on cue Ashton came running in singing the theme song for power rangers and Andy joined in "ok you two" I got up and went to the room to change while Ashton get the triplets ready. "What do you want to do for Easter?" I asked him "we can got universal studios while we're here and have an ultimate Easter egg hunt with the kids" I agreed but no big rides for Andy and Jess. The triplets were dressed in cute penguin onesies and you can guess who got that for them. "Did you tell the others where we're going?" "Yea they're just going to chill."


Luke has been watching me 24/7 none stop, I'm glad that he wants be part of this and cares about our safety but he went a little over board. He's been reading books about pregnancy with the Michael and Calum and Michael rarely reads if he is, he's reading a comic book. He has security watching me when he leaves and not to mention the girls stay in the same room with me when they're gone as security watch us "I thought being pregnant will be fun but it's not. I feel like a child under house arrest" Luke and the boys came back with food "it's ok for you guys to eat pizza apparently it doesn't hurt the baby. We only got cheese and Hawaiian pizza." Luke and Calum sat the pizzas down while Michael grabbed six bottles of water and cups. We watched Moana for the 3rd time, this movie never gets old. I finished my 5th slice of pizza and laid against Luke falling into a deep sleep.


It's already 10 pm and everyone went back to their rooms to sleep. The babies however kept Ashton and Ivy up for a while but they soon fell asleep as well. In the middle of the night Ivy started feeling pain and wetness between her legs "Ashton" she whined shaking him to wake up "what's wrong?" Tears fell down her cheek as she pulled the cover off Ashton's eyes widened and he looked like he was about to cry as well. "Come on we should take you to the hospital" they got into his car and he rushed down the highway his grip tightening around the wheel. "I'm so sorry" Ashton looked over at Ivy his face softening. She rocked herself back and forth repeatedly apologizing "I'm sorry I couldn't keep you safe" Ashton sighed "Ivy this isn't your fault." They made it to the hospital and rushed in for a doctor or nurse to help them. A lady rushed her in the emergency room while Ashton stayed out of the room. He felt so numb he didn't know how to feel, he can't be calm about it because who can be calm about a miscarriage and he feel like crying either even if he wanted to he didn't feel like crying.

The next day Ashton told everyone about the bad news while Ivy rested. "Oh dude, sorry man, how do you feel about it?" The girls went to the bedroom to comfort Ivy "Ivy you up?" Ivy groaned playing with a teddy bear that was supposed to be for their unborn child. "Aw Ivy" the girls laid down next to her embracing her in a hug "this is not your fault Ivy you are a wonderful mother and you know that." Ivy didn't say anything then asked "does Ashton hate me? Is he mad at me?" They quickly shook they're head shocked that she even asked that.

"Are you going to be ok?" Luke asked "I think so but we will recover hopefully next time this won't happen again that's if we even try again to be honest I don't know."  Calum and Luke looked at each other worriedly "don't do anything stupid" they got up calling the girls before Michael closed the door he watched Ashton grab a beer "are you sure the two of you will be ok alone? Especially you" Ashton nodded before taking a swig of his beer "yea I'll be fine." Michael hesitated knowing what alcohol can do to the curly haired boy "ok, just, please don't do anything stupid" then he left. Ashton flipped through the channels till he heard screaming in the bed room and so he ran to the bed room quickly "Ivy calm down" he got in the bed with her and pulled her close "it's ok, I'm here I got you" he rocked her in his arms "Dad, is mom ok?" Ashton sighed "go back to the living room and watch t.v." Karen looked at her mother with concern. She never seen her mother this vulnerable before "Karen" Ashton snapped. Karen obeyed leaving her mother and father alone "it's my fault" Ashton looked at his beloved fiancé "it wasn't your fault" Ivy looked up at Ashton with teary eyes "can you Look me in the eyes and tell me that it's not my fault" Ashton sighed "Ivy do-" she cut him off "don't Ivy me" Ashton looked her in the eyes "you need to rest."

The next day Ivy felt a lot better "morning sleepy head" Ashton groaned "get off" Ivy giggled planting kisses on him "DAMMIT IVY I SAID GET OFF!!!" Ivy had hurt look on her face "Ivy I'm sorry I didn't-" Ivy shook her head tears already coming "sorry" was all she said then went to the shower. She turned on the hot water stripping out of her cloths and getting. She felt someone wrap their arms around her "Ashton you scared me" no response instead he kissed down her neck sucking and biting leaving love marks on her "Ashton-" she gasped he thruster into her hard and rough. He kept going pulling her close to his body, her hands landed on the shower wall for support. "Ashton stop you're hurting me" his grip tighten around her waist possibly leaving bruises "Ashton-Aaah" she screamed out "shut up the kids don't need to hear us" she whimpered in pain. After the shower she dried her self off looking at the bruises on her body. Tears slide down her face knowing that this was the beginning of his pain and grief.


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