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Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


34. kidnapped

"Where are we going?" I ask "some where safe for you and our baby" I frowned "you mean, Ashton's baby , plus I'm having triplets." He laughed "keep bringing him up and I'll make sure you have an early delivery" I kept quiet. "Good, now sleep I don't want you to be stressed "I'm already am" I say but went to sleep anyway. I woke up to someone carrying me, oh, right, Allen "are you just going to fuck me while I'm pregnant" he chuckled "no, you're the bait I want to kill Ashton and the rest of the boys then when the triplets come I will kill the one that looks like Ashton" my eyes widened "you're insane" he laughed "just a little but don't worry you will still have me of course" he set me in a chair and tied me up "Ashton will find me I bet he's looking for me right now and when he finds me he will kick your sorry a-" my face started to sting. He slapped me, "shut your damn mouth, I want your fiancé to bring me $3million if he doesn't then the kids die" the door opened showing 4 of my kids "mum, what's going on?" Allen picked up the phone and called Ashton putting him on speaker "Ashton I'm glad you picked up." "What the hell do you want?" Hearing Ashton's voice again made me calm down. Jess held on to Andy while Tyler tried protecting them like a good big brother he is "I want to talk to Ivy" he laughed "in afraid I can't let you do that, you know I wouldn't hurt her but the kids I might" Karen looked at me with wide eyes "I want you to bring $3million to me and the kids live but of course you can't have Ivy back she's mine that's how I felt when you took her away from me." After the conversation he tied up my babies "leave them alone please, they're innocent" I say "no they're not, they are a part of your family. My men surrounded your home they been tracking you and the kids especially the brat after they came back and went to search for you I had my men snatch up the little ones while the adults went out leaving the techie and her siblings behind they went and took them here" I hope Ashton finds me before it's too late.

This chapter was terrible sorry guys

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