Boyfriend, father, husband💍

Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


43. Japan

"Fuck baby" I moved my hips a little faster earning a groan from Ashton "that's it baby, right there." me and Ashton are having a little us time while the kids and triplets stay with Luke and Riandi. "Dammit" he flipped me over and started slamming into me going as deep as he can and going faster. "Ashton" I moaned, he kissed down my neck sucking and leaving marks on my body. I rubbed my hands up and down his chest. He lift both my legs and rested them on his shoulder, I became a moaning mess under him "I'mc c-c-close" I say "cum for me baby" I did but Ashton kept going, making me sensitive. "I'm so close, fuck!" I'm close to my second climax. I wanted to pass out from all the pleasure "you ok?" He groaned and I nodded.


While Ashton and Ivy are having alone time together we took the kids out to see the hello kitty show which Karen and Jess enjoyed. Luke held Allen, I held Levy and Avery was being held by Michael "Avery is a little too squirmy today" I laughed at Michael's struggle. Avery made high pitch squeal of laughter, she tapped on his forehead a few times earning a tickle on her belly. Shay Is starting to show, I'm really proud of her. The show is over and we headed back to the Hotel so the boys can get ready for their concert. I laid Avery, Allen and Levy on the floor in the hotel room so they can crawl around while we get ready. I put my hair in a pony tail and heard bumping "Luke? What was that?" He gave the 'really' face holding up a piece of broken glass that Allen had. If Ivy saw this she would slit my throats with shard of glass.


"Where you going?" Ashton asked grabbing my wrist "I'm going to get the kids so they can get ready for the concert. You should to" I kissed him one last time then left to pick up the kids.

~time skip~

The concert is going great theirs a lot of fans as well. The triplets slept while the others played on the iPads. Dave and his security checked everything making sure it's safe "are you and Ashton trying for another?" I blushed smiling "yea we are, I'm excited for you mostly you're engaged and pregnant, how is Calum taking it so far?" Shays been hiding her almost showing pregnancy from the public. She's been cautious about it but Calum tried to get her to show it off and how pretty she looks holding his baby. "Pretty well, he became very protective" I giggled "get used to it Ashton was the same thing as you already know" her expression went from a smile to worrying so I smiled to reassure there's nothing to worry about. "Ivy you were kidnapped of course he would be over protective after that whole situation" she's right. I would be too but it's over now the past is the past. I nodded to myself at the thought "you ok?" I rubbed the back of my head realizing I was making weird impressions on my face "yea I'm fine just thinking" after the concert we went out to eat like always and played at the arcade.

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