Boyfriend, father, husband💍

Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry



It's now 10:58, Ashton bought us hot coco that way we can get a little warm at least. "We have 2 hours left" me and Ashton cuddled up against each other sharing each others warmth. Ashton pulled me closer "mum, how much longer?" I looked at my phone "it's 11:23 you'll be fine you have th boys and your brothers cuddle with them. Look even Niall is cuddling with them" she waddled over to them and Niall pulled her in the middle with her brothers.


It's now11:58 and they started the count down "10...9...8..." Ashton held Ivy's hand tightly "I love" she squeezed his hand lightly "I love you too" 12:00 "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" Ashton kissed Ivy and his unborn baby "happy new year mummy and daddy" Jess reached out for her parents. "Happy new year baby" Ashton kissed her forehead then Karen's and Andy, Tyler didn't want a kiss on the forehead but got one anyway making Ivy laugh.

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