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Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


24. Girl time

"Hey guys were live! It's been a while since we went live. My fiancé, her friends and our mum's are out having girl time while we are baby sitting. My daughter Karen is grounded an-" Luke cut him off "you grounded her?" Ashton nodded "anyways, we can't to see you guys next year. At the cafe the girls talked "I'm going to start waking Michael up-" before she could finish everyone screamed "NO!" Shay, Raz and Riandi looked at us crazy "we have this rule when it comes to Michael #1 rule is to never EVER wake up Michael" Liz said. "Why?" "Well, he can be a bitch and hurt your feelings in ways That you could never imagine" Ivy said sipping her drink.

-hotel room-

"Anymore questions?" The looked at the comments laughing "daddy can me and Andy draw?" Jess held out her box of markers "sure baby" Ashton pulled his shirt off earning a lot of comments from their fans. "Come on Andy" Andy climbed on the bed and they started coloring on Ashton's back "daddy stop moving" she said patting his back "sorry" he laid still "wow commitment, you know you make a really good dad" Calum compliments "thanks, they like to draw on my back they asked me why I don't have bigger markings on my body like Calum did so they're dressing me in markers. Also Luke Jess wants to draw on you too" Jess grabbed the purple drawing a bunny on Ashton's back. After live streaming they all watched T.V while Jess and Andy draw on his back "were running out of space, Andy you took up all the space" Jess whined. Luke, Calum and Michael took off their shirts "you guys can write on us, Karen want to join in on the fun?" Michael asked. Karen shrugged and started drawing on Michael, Tyler drew on Luke, Andy drew on Cal and Jess continued drawing on Ashton.


The girls sat at the spa relaxing "i haven't relaxed like this in years Joy said "I agree, after Lauren and Harry graduate this is going to be my life" Anne said then asked "are you and Ashton having sex again?" Ivy blushed "not really we just make out now he only has one more day he'll be fine." One of the ladies bring in her staff so they can start messaging the girls "Calum is a teddy they all are especially when comes to cuddling so just to warn you girls they will kill you with cuddles" Raz laughed "that's cute." Riandi looked at the time "how long do you think the boys will last?" Ivy laughed "they will be fine, Jack and Ben is out with Harry and Lauren."

-hotel room-

Jess finished drawing on Ashton's back and stomach so was the others and went to their faces "ok uncle Michael, you're going to be a cat" Karen laughed. After they were done the boys went on keek "look what my kids did to us" Ashton laughed his famous laugh that everyone loves "I'm a cat" Michael started meow noises pretending to lick himself and purr.


After the spa the girls went to Victoria secrets "Calum would love you in this" Riandi held it up in front of Shay making her blush then smiled "this is a good color for Luke don't you think? He would love to see you in silky blue." Raz couldn't find anything that would impress Michael "here Michael would love this on you" Ivy handed her a black and white matching patterned bra and thong with a bow on it "thanks" the mum's are in another store looking at furniture "Do you think Michael really likes me?" Ivy laughed "of course he does I never seen him this happy since him and Abigail broke up. He talks about you a lot we texts about you, he always keeps me up at night talking about you." Raz blushed.

-hotel room-

"Karen I want to talk to you" Karen followed her dad to a corner "I'm taking you off punishment also, who's Bryon?" Ashton side smirked "he's a friend" she says quickly "ok then is he from school?" She nodded "she has a boyfriend!" Michael teased and the others joined until Tyler poked at Ashton "where's Jess and Andy?" They boys stopped and looked around "your mum is going to kill us, DON'T TELL MUM OK!!" They went out the door to find Jess and Andy "Andy! Jess!"


The girls sit in the restaurant waiting for their orders to be taken "wow it's only 9:30pm how long were we out?" Riandi asked "not long I don't think" said Shay. "Can I take your orders?" They told the waitress what they want and she left to give the chef list. "I wonder how the boys are doing with the kids?" Ivy called Ashton to see how he's doing "hey babe" she says sweetly "IVY!" She winced from the yelling "no need to yell, are you ok?" She heard screaming and yelling in the back ground " go left" she heard Calum say in the background "Ashton what's going on?" He hesitated for a moment "playing video games-OH SHIT!!!" Karen and Anne looked at Ivy with a questioning look after she hung up the phone "is everything ok?" Ivy shrugged "I guess they said that they are playing video games." Their food came and they ate.


"How the hell did they get in there!?" Police came to the hotel to get Jess and Andy out of the pit where the water fall "hi daddy" she waved so did Andy "hey sweetie" he groaned knowing Ivy will be super piss "Jess, Andy don't move the police are coming down to get you." They obeyed and sat there "ok you two come here" the cop said Jess went to him then Andy pulling them both out. The crowed cheered "daddy can we do that again?" She asked jumping into his arms "no and don't tell mum about this, got it?" She nodded. They got back to the room and made pillow forts "no daddy no boys allowed" she put her hand on his face pushing him out "she's right dad, no boys allowed" he laughed "are two going to sleep in there?" "Yes!" The door opened revealing the girls "Ivy!" He hugged and kissed her "Ashton, what is wrong with your face all of your faces actually?" Jess came from out of her pillow fort "mummy! Daddy let me draw on him even uncle Luke let us draw on him" the girls giggled. After gathering the kids they went to bed.

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