Boyfriend, father, husband💍

Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


46. first hit

"Hey snap chat today we are at Orlando universal studios and the kids are not only riding the rides they are also going Easter egg hunting. All the workers here had helped with the Ultimate egg hunting of course we made sure that the kids get on certain ones. Safety first it's very important and we have one of the best camera men helping us out. It's viewing live on Instagram and Facebook." We split up and the camera followed each of them. Karen went on the Harry Potter with Ashton.

~time skip~

The kids hunted for 3 hours now the triplets were getting up set so they finished up and went back to the hotel. "Ashton you've been drinking a lot, is there something you want to tell me or talk about?" He threw the empty beer bottle in the trash "nope" Ashton grabbed another and drank it. Ivy sighed "I'll be in the room packing our stuff" Ashton mumbled under his breath. Ever since the miscarriage Ashton barely showed any emotion towards Ivy if he did it was anger and rarely smiled at her. He knows it's not her fault and he has so much anger inside him it makes him want to hit something. "Hey babe I'm going out" he says and leaves out the door Karen and Tyler played trouble while Andy and the triplets took a nap.

Ivy started to get worried about Ashton and Calum "sorry but no I haven't seen him. I hope he's not doing anything stupid" she sighed agreeing with Calum. It's been 10 hours since he left it's bout to be 12. "Mom, where's dad?" She shrugged "I don't know, go back to bed sweetie" and she she did. Another hour passed and Ashton came through the door drunk but not too drunk. "Ashton is that you?" Ivy came out of her room and saw Ashton with a beer in his hand "where did you go?" Ashton ignored her and kept drinking until it was empty "Ashton" she said in frustration losing patience with him. "Your doing it again aren't you?" He walked up to her pulling her against his chest and kissing her roughly. She tried tried pushing him away but he held her in place tightening his grip. She bite his bottom lip hard making him jump back "what the hell!" She flinched "you- you wouldn't stop" she looked and instantly he slaps her across the face and pulled her back in for a kiss. She was shocked that he would even hit her "open your fucking mouth" she couldn't she was too scared to "Ivy open it" his grip tighten around her waist making her gasp trying to keep herself from screaming. He stuck his tongue in her mouth, deepening the kiss. He picked her up taking her into the room "Ashton please stop" he laid  her on the bed stripping hers and his cloths off "Ashton stop or ill scream" he plunged into her roughly and started pounding into her hard. He wrapped his hand around her throat, she couldn't say anything or breath.

This wasn't the Ashton she knows, this went on all night and he did things to her that she never thought he would do to her

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