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Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


17. Family time

"What are we going to do first?" Anne asked excitedly "first breakfast then we will go to the aquarium" I said looking at the map. Ashton pointed a. Breakfast place so we ate there.

"My name is Katie I will be your waitress" she set down 13 napkins for each of us then wrote down the drinks we wanted. "I'll be back with your drinks and take your order" Lauren broke the silence "after the aquarium can we go the New York zoo?" I nodded "someone's excited for family time" Anne said and I agreed. "Here are your drinks, are you guys ready to order?"

After ordering and eating we walked down the sidewalk of New York. The boys still seem a little upset with each other "what happened between you four?" I asked "Luke started it" Michael pointed "I doubt it, besides you would blame him for anything. We will talk about this later we're having family time" I say intertwining my hand with Ashton's "I love-" I cut him off "don't." We made it to the entrance of the aquarium and ordered 13 passes; I let go of Ashton and walked beside Mali "hey, Mali I have a question" she hummed letting me know to continue "is Calum bi, by any chance" she laughed "I'm pretty sure he would go gay for Luke and I think Michael would do the same" we both laughed "Ashton is coming" she sang then I felt two arms wrap around my waist "you really want your phone back don't you?" He kissed my cheek then neck "can't I just love on my beautiful girl friend?" I pushed him off "wow you really want your phone back. So desperate" he poked his bottom lip out and whimpered like a puppy "Ashton, no besides I gave all of your phones to Liz" the boys gaped at me putting their hands over their heart "well until you guys tell me what happened yesterday your phones are staying with Liz" the boys groaned.

The fish swim freely in the tanks minding their own business not paying any attention as if the problems in the world don't matter to them. I watched as a manta-ray glide across the glass; a few sharks swam by passing the turtles as if they don't exist, a few star fish stuck themselves against the glass while others attached them selves to coral. "This is beautiful" I whispered.

After the aquarium we went to the zoo, me and Ashton walked hand in hand looking at the animals. "Where did Luke and Calum go?" I looked trying to find the run away giraffe but couldn't "they probably went to go look at the penguins" he kissed my lips "let's get some cotton candy"


Me and Luke took a few pics together with the animals "Cal let's go to the penguins next!" He acted like a happy kid again "Calum, you ok?" I nodded following him. Why do I feel this way for him? He's my best friend, we made it to the penguin section and Luke seemed a little upset "what's wrong?"


Ashton seem to have a sexual problem "Ashton, you seem tense, you ok?" He frowned at me with a 'I hate you look' which made me laugh "I love you" I say and kissed his cheek then skipped off to the lions. I love teasing Ashton cause I know once our break is over he's going to rip me apart.

Ashton caught up wrapping his arms around me "you're such a tease" I smiled pushing my ass against his crotch making him groan "fuck" I felt him getting "I want to fuck you so bad" he started his hard on, on me so slide out of his grip making him groan "great, now I have to hide my boner."

We kept walking until Calum "hey Cal what's up?" I asked "Luke is ready to go he wants to leave" I knew something was wrong "ok meet us at the entrance." "Is everything ok?" Ashton asked "call everyone to the front we're going back to the hotel Luke...he's ready to go back" Ashton got the message and called his mum.

Back at the hotel Luke cried into Calum's arms "I think I'm going to take him back to the room see you guys tomorrow." I nodded, everyone left to their room "I feel so bad for Luke I can't believe Arzaylea would do that to him" I sat on Ashton playing with his chest "he will be fine, Calum's will make him feel better." I got up to take a shower before I go to bed and of course Ashton wanted to join "i promise I will keep my dick to myself" I laughed "ok."

After our shower we went to bed for the night "well, night" I kissed him "night" then I drifted off to sleep.

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