Boyfriend, father, husband💍

Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


48. end

Tour is over, Ashton and I are better and now we're having our wedding. Riandi helped Karen put on her dress since she's the flower girl along with Jess. Tyler and Andy is with Ashton getting dressed but I'm pretty sure they're done.

I didn't invite my parents knowing they would care so I didn't care either. Ashton's mother Karen came in telling me that it's time. Calum came in and I hooked my hand on his forearm and walked out. I looked up at Ashton and his face was in aw which made me smile even more. When I got up on the stand I heard him whisper "you look beautiful."

The priest came up and we started doing our vows then he started talking. Then asked both of us the same question and we both said I do. Ashton pulled me in and kissed me gently then deepened it. Everyone cheered and we started eating then we danced. "We came a long way haven't we?" I agreed "I love you and I'm ready to try for more kids." I laughed whatever.

few years later we have ten kids and twins on the way thanks to Ashton who is freaking out "Tommy stop putting glue in your sisters hair! Karen you can't go out wearing make-up! Ouch Pete didn't I tell you to clean your room like a few hours ago?" He came back up to me sweating "where are the triplets?" I shrugged "we need to by leashes for these kids. Where are they getting all this energy from?" He ran back and forth trying to stop the chaos our little chaos.

The end.

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