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Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


9. Double date

I put on my shorts and hoodie with red converse and my hair in a ponytail then went downstairs to wait on Ashton. "Hey babe, you ready?" I nodded getting up off the couch "wow you look cute" I swung on my heels with my hands in my back pockets "thanks you don't look bad your self" he has a black leather jacket on and under neath is a black t-shirt and of course black skinny jeans with his black converse. We got into his Jeep and drove off "Calum told me you went nuts trying to figure out what my secret is and all that stuff" I can see his face turn into a crimson red which was cute "can we not talk about this please, it's really embarrassing" I laughed "I'm not letting that down not one bit" my hand landed on top of his hand "are we at the stage to hold hands?"

"Not yet, we will see how this date will go" he nodded as I removed my hand from his. He cleared his throat "were here" he reversed park and we got out "wow it's crowded today" I say.

"Oh my God Ashton what are you doing here?" That voice sounded familiar, where have I heard it from? "It's me Rachel, remember?" I frowned that bitch on the phone, why she even here so she can hook up with my boyfriend again.

"Babe you're growling" I stopped, clearing my throat "this my be your new girlfriend" Ashton laughed nervously "actually this the same one that answered my phone, besides I hardly remember you since I was basically drunk." She smiled "well this is my boyfriend Max" Ashton and Max shook hands "I'm Ashton and this is Ivy my girlfriend" Max shook my hand with a firm grip "I wouldn't lose her if I were you, she's beautiful" I blushed feeling uncomfortable and I could tell Ashton was too "hey, we should have a double date" Rachel said and my dumbass of a boyfriend agreed. I guess he didn't want to feel rude about it.

We entered inside and a bunch of spotted Ashton quick and asked for his autograph , I hate when this happened "you must be famous" he blushed "I guess you can say that, I'm in this group called 5 seconds of summer. I play the drums" Max nodded then laughed "wouldn't it be called a band?" I winced at the name "they don't really like being called a boy band especially since they were found by a boy band, one direction, they're just 4 guys who are friends and play instruments" I explained. We got our tickets and started playing games "Ivy, I'm sorry about the other day, I had no idea he was dating you" I played with my cotton candy and ate it "I have funnel cakes!" Ashton sang out cheerfully make me smile. The funnel cake was nicely powdered with whip cream and a strawberry on top.

After eating we let the boys do their own thing for a while, while me and Rachel sat and talked "how did you and Ashton meet since you know he's famous in all" I laughed "were child hood friends, we all are me, Luke who is the lead singer and plays guitar, Calum he's vocals and plays bass, Michael who's vocals and plays electric guitar then Ashton the drummer, he sings sometimes but not all the time since he plays the drums. He can sing and play the drums at the same time but he doesn't do it often."


"How did you and Ivy meet?" Max asked "me, Ivy, Luke, Calum and Michael are child hood friends actually and when we gotten older I started falling in love with her" I say "wow that's weird, dating your child hood friend" I scoffed "no it's not." I threw another ball into the hole "yes it is, but hey, you do you" I stopped and stared at him for a moment. He didn't notice me staring, too busy throwing the balls in the hole. This guy seems bad news and i don't want him near my girlfriend not after what he pulled near the ticket line. I won a giant stuffed Pikachu, I think I would give this to Michael and get Ivy something else. I went to the hammer "hello young man, would you like to try and win your... uh" he looked around me to see who's with me "my girlfriend is sitting with her friend" he nodded handing me the hammer. I hit the the thing at the bottom and it hit the bell (I have no idea what it's called lol).

I won her a stuffed rainbow cat then I went to go win Luke a penguin and Calum a stuffed dog knowing they're going to cry like a baby if they saw Michael and Ivy with a stuffed animal only. Max and I walked back to the table ivy and Rachel are sitting "wow that's a lot of stuffed animals" I laughed "yea, these three are for the boys at home" Max looked at me "you have kids" I shook my head "I wish, but these are for my best mates and here is your rainbow cat" Ivy laughed "thanks, now how are we going to fit them in the Jeep?" I smiled I'll find a way.

We rode a few more rides then ate lunch; Rachel and Max talked about them selves a lot and kissed a lot. It gotten to the point to where I don't want to eat no more and I'm pretty sure Ivy feels the same way "wow look at the time it's getting late" I say looking at my it was only 9:30 then my calendar popped up for recording studio tomorrow "we have to go Ivy, I forgot me and the boys had to record tomorrow!" I say, thank God I had an excuse to leave "aw, I guess we will you guys later oh and here's my number" she typed it in Ivy's phone and texted herself "see you guys later!" We went to the Jeep and drove off "John will be pissed if I sleep late" i sighed "what time do you have to be there?" I parked the Jeep in our drive way and went inside "I have to be there around 7:30."


I changed into my pajamas and went to bed reading my book; Ashton turned on his lamp putting his glasses on and started writing stuff in his note pad "I haven't seen you in glasses since forever, you look sexy in them" he smirked "thanks" "your welcome."

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