Boyfriend, father, husband💍

Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


13. Date 2

This time no eruptions and no fans so we called Dave to send us a body guard to make sure nothing gets interrupted. Tonight we're going to the beach since there is going to be a beach party there. I wore my swim shorts and top "ready?" I nodded. "Have fun you two" Anne said, "we rode in the black car in silence while Tom, the new bodyguard drove us to our destination. "What changed your mind?" I felt his hand land on my thigh and slide up closer to my heat. "Sneaky" I said, grabbing his hand and squeezing it tight "babe, my hand is falling asleep" I hummed "please let go" and I did "pull that trick again and next time I rip it off" he nodded his head rubbing his hand "since when did you gut this feisty and not to mention aggressive?" I shrugged "is everything ok?"

We made it to the beach "I-" I cut him off "I'm fine, I just want you to keep your hands to your self" Tom helped me out and we started walking in the sand. Feeling the sand in between my toes I let it sink in deeper loving how it feels." Music grabbed my hand pulling me into the crowd "Ashton" I whined, he knows that I don't like dancing "come on baby it will be fun" he swayed my hips to the beat and he also started to dance.

We started grinding against each other laughing "see now we're having fun!" He pulled me closer my hands around his neck back to chest "mhmm baby..." I feel him getting hard so I stepped away from him "we can't remember" I walked away from the crowed and went to some where quieter. "Wait Ivy I didn't mean for that to happen" I sat in the sand letting my hair blow in the cool wind. Ash sat next to me then wrapped his arms around me "it's beautiful out here at night" I said staring out in the horizon "yea it is, do you know what I love about you?" I looked at curiously "what?" I asked "your love for the Earth no matter how dirty it is you seem to find the beauty in it" I intertwined our hands together "that's because we as people don't take the time to actually see more then just a Earth that has life." I looked deep in his eyes then kissed him.

Ashton got up and picked me up "what are you doing?" His devilish smirk spread across his face which is always bad especially from the Ashton Irwin. He threw me in the freezing cold water and jumped in splashing me in the face "I can't believe you would do that? Actually I do, jerk" I laughed splashing him in the face. "We should go home and get cleaned up, I can't wait for next week" I nodded in agreement.

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