Boyfriend, father, husband💍

Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


20. Christmas

Ashton is still sleep so decided to give him a little Christmas gift since he's been a good boy. I slipped his boxers off and started rubbing his shaft up and down earning a growl from him I rubbed my thumb lightly over his tip "I need your mouth baby please" his chest is rising, panting. I put him in my mouth and started bobbing my head, I took him out of my mouth and licked a long strip up his dick letting my tongue touch the tip "Ah fuck, stop teasing" I put him back in my mouth and this time he started thrusting in my mouth hitting my gag reflex 8 times. "I'm about to cum" he says through groans, a few more thrusts and he came in my mouth with a loud groan "That felt good" I giggled "Merry Christmas" I got of me and stretched feel a sharp pain hit my ass "Ashton I told you to stop doing that" he laughed "and I never listen besides I didn't smack your ass that hard" I glared at him.

We freshened up and got dressed "we are going to the private lounge where we can sit and open gifts and eat breakfast without interruptions" Ashton put on my engagement ring kissing me a few times then left the room.

"You guys finally made it, here's Christmas pancakes!" Liz cheered; Joy and Anne came in with a bag of gifts "who's ready to unwrap presents?" We started unwrapping gifts. I noticed that we had extra gifts "uh... we have extras" I say "we know" they all said "I have one more gift for you" I looked at Ashton confused then on cue Tom came in with a little girl and a puppy. Ashton handed me papers... ADOPTION PAPERS THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN SIGNED!!! "Ashton" I hugged him "I thought since we're not doing anything to have a child maybe we can you know adopt. Her name is Jess she's 3 years old both of her parents were drug attics and alcoholic" she has pretty blue eyes, blonde hair, rose cheeks and pink plump lips. I bent down to her eye level she seems a little shy "hi I'm Ivy I'm your new mummy and this is your daddy, Ashton" she took her thumb out her mouth and hugged "and I'm your grandmother" Jess hide her face. I sat her on my lap "we have gifts for your you, you want to open them?" She nodded sliding off my lap and opening them. "Look daddy" she lifted up a doll house to show.

We introduced her to the rest of her new family and she started to warm up to them especially with Michael, should I be worried? "Daddy play with me." "Not right now baby girl" I gave him a stern look "fine I'll play with her" I smiled "good."

After gifts and playing we took Jess out for some hot chocolate, Ashton picked her up when paparazzi came out crowding us so Tom had call in extra security "is daddy famous?" I nodded "Ashton is it true you and Ivy adopted?" Ashton answered their question and we went inside Starbucks "hi welcome to Starbucks how may I help you "can we get 3 hot chocolates 2 large and a small" the lady wrote down our order and started making our coffee. We sit near the back for privacy "daddy?" Ashton hummed "when- when can-can we go to the parade?" Her little feet swinging back and forth "lucky for you, we are going" the lady called our name and we grabbed our drinks and walked back to the hotel.

"Jess after your done with your drink you are going straight to bed, ok?" She sat on the bed near Ashton "ok mommy" I love hearing her call me that. After a few hours she went to sleep between me and Ashton.

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