Boyfriend, father, husband💍

Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


19. Christmas Eve

"Ok everyone open your gift" Liz said; were sitting in the lobby with our present and breakfast. I don't know why they didn't want to do it in the hotel room. Anne opened her gift first "Ashton this is beautiful" it was a necklace with a heart that said 'mum' on it. Harry got a soccer ball, Lauren has concert tickets to see Ed Sheeran, Liz got a new phone from Luke, Jack and Ben got a new watch, Luke got a new guitar, Ashton got new drum sticks from me, Michael a Pokémon plush, Calum also has a new guitar then I opened mine "uh... Ashton?" He went on one knee "what is going on" Liz started recording us "I was going to do this on New Years but I couldn't wait any longer. Will you marry me?" I felt tears going down my cheeks and my face turning slightly red "yes" I hugged him and kissed him as he put the ring on my finger "I love you so much" I say then kissed him again. Everyone cheered "can I have my phone back now" I laughed "sure after we celebrate." I couldn't stop staring at the ring "you like it?" I intertwined my hand with his "I love it, it's beautiful" he stuffed another pancake in his mouth "Ashton I was going to kiss you" he smiled "you still can" I kissed his scruffy cheeks "I love you" I whispered in his ear "I love you too."

After breakfast we went to the ice skating rink "Ashton you better not let go of me" he laughed "I won't" he pulled me to hi chest startling me "did I scare you" I blushed "a little." He spun me around "since we're getting married when will you lift my punishment" I laughed "what punishment?" He rolled his eyes "the no having sex thing." I never really called it a punishment, I just wanted us to not have sex for a while that way we can find our spark and so we don't force this whole making a baby. "Ashton the whole point was to find our spark again and not rush tans force a baby. I thought maybe after 14 days this would work, it's not a punishment you idiot."


I can't believe we're getting married, once we get married I want to try for another baby. After 14 days are up I won't force it, I just want to make love to her. "Ivy let's get a hot coco" we take our skates off and went to Starbucks "two hot cocoas please" I paid the man and he handed us our drinks "congratulations" the man said to us "thanks" I said and we both walked out.

The day was going by pretty fast and it's already getting dark, the others went back to the hotel for the night while we walked around "I really hope we have twins one day in the future." She threw her empty cup away "yea I hope so too."

We sit at the park making out, i of course deepen the kiss wanting her more and more and the more I taste the more I craved for her "fuck" I breathed, I needed her I want her but I can't. I kissed down her neck flipping us around that way I'm on top of her, she's so beautiful even the night perfects her beauty "Ashton stop staring" I laughed at her blushing" I can't help it, your beautiful" I kissed her neck a few times then I decided to leave a love on her neck making her gasp and moan.

The ride home was silent but nice, it gave us time to think for our selves "hey for the wedding can we have it at the beach just us in swim suits" I nodded "whatever you want

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