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Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


16. 6th day

Well today is a bad day, everyone is upset with each other right now. I don't know why they are upset with each other but I'm not letting that ruin my time in New York.

I walked around the city taking pictures; the city as always was crowded but the scenery is nice. I kept walking through the city until I bumped into Niall "oh my god, Niall!" We hugged each other "it's been a while since we talked" I said "yea, how's the boys?" We walked into Starbucks together "they are doing great, we are having a family vacation here but everyone is upset with each other right now. The mum's are out touring through New York, what about you?" I asked "just hanging around, are you pregnant yet?" I sighed ":sadly no, Ash is still trying though." We sat down across from each other near the window, I told him everything that had happened between me and Ashton. One of the ladies gave us our drinks and muffins "so, since the boys are being pouty do you want to go to the mall and hang?" I smiled "sure."

We walked around the mall watching the kids take pictures with Santa "I miss being a kid" I sighed, "yea me too" Niall agreed. "Are you staying here for the ball drop?" I asked "yea" we went to the massaging place to get a message "wow, this is relaxing" Niall moaned "have you spoke to any of the boys at all?" I asked referring to Zayn, Harry, Louis and Liam "I talked to Zayn after the AMAS but that was it. How is your parents?" Wow that subject changed quickly, I guess he feels uncomfortable talking about them right now. "My parents are doing fine," I say "you haven't talked to your parents, have you?" He always knew when I was lying "ok, no, I haven't. Besides they're fine with out, they care about their job more than they cared about me."

After our messages we went to the park until my phone rang "hello?" I asked "where are you?" "I'm at the park with Niall" I looked at Niall who just smiled "Niall's there, tell him I said hi also can you come back to the hotel please, I need you" I can hear a growl in his voice "are you doing what I think you're doing?" I held back my laugh "masturbating, yes, it's your damn fault for making me wait 14 days and then waking me up by palming me on the plane. After 14 days you're going to regret what you did to me" Niall walked over to the bench and sat down "well, you have fun and I'll be back later."

"Who was that?" I sat next to Niall "that was Ashton" Niall nodded "I heard a gossip about one direction coming back together next year. Is it true or just a theory?" He laughed "i don't know to be honest, were all doing our own thing right now. If we come back then we come back, if we don't we'll we don't" his accent came out strong "your fans miss seeing you guys together" he stood up and helped me up on my feet. "The temperature is dropping, we should get some where warm" I followed him down the street "how about we go back to my hotel room I'm pretty sure Ashton and the others would want to see you."

We made it to my hotel room "Ashton, I have company" i heard shuffling in the room and a few falls then the door opened "Niall!" They bro hugged each other "it's been a while." While the boys chat I called the others so they could talk to Niall.

"We love your new single this town it's relaxing" I sat in between Ashton's legs on the arm chair "I'm thinking of making a full album, I already have songs written while I was in one direction, so yea I'm going back the studio in L.A in two weeks."

After talking to Niall and saying good bye I crossed my arms turning to the boys "tomorrow we're waking up at six in the morning and we're having family time. No fighting and stop acting like babies, are you guys done with your for throwing?" I asked. They nodded "now explain to me why are you guys fighting?" I shook my head, it's like I'm dealing with a bunch of toddlers; since they want to act like toddlers I'll treat them like one. "Luke Calum go to your room now and face the corner Michael, you two but before you go, give me your phones." They groaned "be up by six don't make me come in there either" I say as they walked out to their rooms. I slammed the door "wow" I faced Ashton "you too" he gaped at me but obeyed "what did I do?" "For being childish, you're 22 act like it" I set their phones on the counter then went to bed.

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