Boyfriend, father, husband💍

Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


15. 5th day

"Everyone is packed and ready? Where's Michael?" Liz asked "I'm right here." Tom pulled the van around and helped put our bags i the back as we got into the van.

Luke sprawled out on his brothers in the middle seat area and went back to sleep, Michael played on his phone, the mums sat in the back Calum sat in the single seat so did Mali, Harry sat next to his sister Lauren and I cuddled with Ashton.

"Ashton, you ok?" He hasn't talked to me at all since we first woke up, but of course he's never fond of waking up early in the morning. "I'm fine" I giggled "of course."

We made it to the air port and waited for our plane to be called "what is New York like?" Harry and Lauren couldn't stop asking questions so Ashton gave them an I pad to play on. "You know, you would make a great dad" Ashton looked at me shocked "are you?" I shook my head 'no' "well when I do get you pregnant I hope we have a baby girl" I laughed "I thought you wanted a boy" he kissed my lips "I do, how about twins?" I intertwined my hand with his "you can't choose what happens" I traced my index finger up and down the muscle on his arm "I know but we get to choose the names."

They called for our plane so we bordered on, the mum's sat in front of us Calum sat next to Luke, Michael across the aisle next to Mali, Harry and Lauren sat behind me and Ashton "I love you" he kissed my cheek a few times then I stopped him giving him a confused look. I leaned in lips touching then I slipped my tongue in his mouth "seriously can you guys not do that in front of us it's gross" Harry complained making us laugh.

"We will be on this plane for 23-25 hours" Ashton said kissing my forehead. "New York was where you took my virginity" I said, "yea I did and it was a lot of work too" I traced my hand up and down his stomach then circled my finger on his chest. It looks like Calum is getting cuddly with Luke" I whispered to him "they're perfect for each other" I looked up at Ashton "isn't Luke-" he cut me off finishing my sentence "bisexual, yes but never told Calum."

We sat on the plane for hours and I'm getting bored everyone else fell asleep except me. I stared out the window watching the clouds past by, a few stars glistened in the night. Ashton shifted pulling me close to his chest "seriously?" I whispered to myself.

I was close to dozing off when the plane landed at the airport of New York "Ashton were here" I say nudging him "already" he groaned. He went back to sleep so I decided to palm him "wake up" I whispered in his ear "aw fuck" he opened his green colored hazel eyes and bit his bottom lip "sorry baby but it's time to get up" I say grabbing my bag "you can't just do that to me" I rolled my eyes "well I did, suck it up."

After everyone woke up and grabbed their bags, we headed out to a limo to take us to the hotel "when we get back to the hotel we can all go back to sleep and in the morning, breakfast" I said yawning and leaning my head on Ashton's shoulder.

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