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Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


12. 4th day


Michael and I went to the jewelry store to buy my mum a necklace and of course a ring for a special someone. "You know she's going to say no to the ring right?" I nodded "that's why I'm doing this when we go back on tour" (I'm using the same concert from this year since of course I don't know what new songs they have for next year). We went up to the counter asking the lady about the engagement rings "they would be over here, who's the special lady?" I smiled "my beautiful girlfriend Ivy we've been dating since middle school." The lady seemed shocked "oh she must be very special then" I laughed "yea she is me, Ivy, this idiot right here and our two other friends grew up together" I looked the sizes, shapes and colors and they don't seem to fit her taste except one. The ring had Ivy's birth stone on it, topaz and small diamonds meeting at the birthstone "can I get that ring for her?" She smiled "of course." They shaped the ring, sized it then placed it in a nice little box and put it in a box "have a nice day and good luck" I really hope she loves the ring and says yes.

"Where are you going to hide it?" I looked around the house , luckily she's out with Joy "I don't know, wait I got it!" I say and call Liz "Liz!!" She came running downstairs with gloves on "what's wrong is everything ok? Did Michael get himself stuck somewhere again?" I laughed "no, this necklace is for my mother" she took the rectangle box "that's so sweet" I pulled out the cube shapes box handing it to her and making her gasp "and this is for Ivy" she looked at the box then at me "don't cry Liz" she wiped the tears away from her eyes then smiled "I'll make sure this is in a safe place."


Joy sipped her cup of tea then set it down, I smiled feeling awkward. Me and Joy never really talked face-to-face, we would say a few things to each other like, 'hi' or 'hey' and we would talk when we're with the others. "So, Joy how is Mali doing with her career?" The waiter came up to us to take our order "what can I get you two ladies?" I looked at the menus for a while then said, "I would like pancakes with bacon, eggs and biscuits" he wrote my order down then wrote Joy's order down and left. "Let's talk about you and Ash you two seem to be distant and I understand the whole no touching thing and taking a break, but if you keep this up he might give up and go to another woman" I laughed "no he won't" she looked at me without any amusement on her face. "You're not kidding are you?" She shook her head "take my advice, Ashton is a good man and you know that just give him 3 more days I hate to see you two like this" I don't know if I should take her advice but I will think about it.

Ashton is A good guy he was just torn that I decided to give up on trying for a baby, but I didn't give up completely I just wanted us to take it slow instead of forcing the pregnancy. "I'll think about it" she smiled "good."


I've been texting Arzaylea non-stop wondering if she's ok and how's her family but no response. I sighed setting my phone down sipping my beer as I watched T.V "Luke, you ok?" Calum patted my shoulder making face heat up "I'm fine" he sat next to me grabbing my legs and laying the on his lap (I might do a cake relation ship☺️ unless someone wants me to put them in the story and date one of the boys. I need new characters).

"Ashton is going to propose to Ivy soon" I hummed flipping through the channels "are you sure you're ok? I said, Ashton is proposing to Ivy." Proposing to Ivy that's nice.

Then it hit me "OH MY GOD HE'S GOING TO PROPOSE WHEN!?" I asked excitedly "yes that's what I said, are you sure your ok?" I groaned "I'm fine Calum honestly" he snatched the remote and shut it off "talk" I shifted to get comfortable "Arzaylea hasn't texted or called me ever since break started, do you think she's cheating on me?" I watched as Calum was about to speak but stopped himself.


I hated seeing him like this, heart broken; I wish I could help him but I can't I'm not a girl, but why do I have the need to comfort him? I'm not gay and I'm pretty sure isn't either. Even though he has a feminine side I'm pretty sure he's not gay I won't be surprised if he was, I'm not against gays at all love is love. "Maybe she's just trying to hang with family right now" I scratched and pulled on my hair lightly with a deep sigh, this is tough, it's like watching a miserable, suicide penguin who is desperately trying to die.

"Calum" I turned around finding who was calling me "Calum" I heard again and spotted Ivy "I'll be back" I told who just hummed still flipping through channels, wow I never seen him this depressed before. I made it to the kitchen almost bumping into Ivy "so how did breakfast go with my mum?" " great but she gave me advice about how me and Ashton could fix our relation ship" oh boy this shouldn't be good "and her advice was?" I questioned "to stop the break between the two of us. I want to but I can't" I thought about it for a few seconds then smiled "then don't, just go on another date with Ashton and kiss no sex until after the 14th day" she hugged me then ran off without a another word. Damn everyone is being weird today, I sat back down next to Luke and watched sponge bob.


I'm going to take Calum's and Joy's advice I ran up stairs to me and Ashton's room and hugged him "Ivy, you ok?" He wrapped his arms around me then his grip tighten protectively "is someone hurting you? After you? Stalking you?" I laughed shaking my head. I laid my hand on his cheek caressing it then kissed his lips lightly "I thought we were-" I cut him off "we are but no sex" he groaned making me laugh "at least I get to kiss those beautiful lips of yours" I giggled kissing him again. I miss kissing his lips "now for date two" I say between breathes and he agrees "and this time no eruptions" Ash said kissing my cheek.

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