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Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


8. 2nd day

Today me, Michael and Luke have our girl day. Michael didn't come with us yesterday since he wanted to watch Ashton to make sure he was ok.

"What was yesterday's gossip? Besides the stuff between you and Ashton" Michael doesn't look like the gossiping person but trust me all he does is listen to gossip, but of course if it's mean or about other celebrities he stays away from it. "This is nice, just relaxing without any problems" I say, we laid on the beach sand me in my bikini and the boys in their trunks tanning well sort of since Michael has an umbrella over him like a vampire. "Really Michael, your skin needs the sun, you look like your about to go invisible if you stay out of the sun a little longer" he just shrugged "I'm in the sun..." me and Luke looked at him "sometimes, especially when we have performances out side" I rolled my eyes "that don't count" I laughed "why not?"

"Because were only in the sun for short periods of time and were mainly inside or it's cloudy." Luke said making Michael scoff "well I just have skin that has trouble tanning besides I look good in pale skin" well he's not lying about that, I wonder what he would look like if he had tanned skin. Actually scratch that he wouldn't look that good "you're imagining what I would look like with a tan aren't you" I blushed "maybe" he laughed shaking his head.

After tanning we went to change into our cloths and we're about to leave again until Ashton grabbed my wrist "where you going baby?" He laid his right hand on my waist and his left slide down to my ass so I swat his hand away "you can't last a second without touching me" he had a cheeky smile on his face "nice try but you have to win me over in order to win this piece of ass back" I say then walked off swaying my hips and making sure he gets a good view of my ass.


Fuck this is way to hard, and that ass will be mine; I can't last a second without touching her and it's killing me. I watched as she walked off, her hips swaying beautifully "fuck" I yelled after she left with the boys.

"Hey Calum what do they be doing during they're so called girl time?" Calum paused the game set the controller down facing me with a look I can't describe "how should I know, I'm not one of Ivy's little feminine guy friends like Michael and Luke, who knows what they talk about. But Michael did tell me that she talks to them about everything and he did say she had a diary some where in the room but the key is hidden." She talks them about everything, I wonder what; maybe it's one of her deepest, darkest secrets "Ashton you're doing it again" Calum said pulling me out of my thoughts "doing what?" I ask "your laughing, that weird evil laugh that's adorable but creepy at the same time. What are you planning?" I smiled big "this calls for team Cashton." "Did- did you just ship us and what team?" I ignored his question grabbing two binoculars and two black hats "were going to spy on them" I said "why does your voice sound creepy? And you have gone insane. Why don't you just take her on a date?" I rolled my eyes "because, even if I did ask her she would think I'm jealous so, were going to spy on her and the boys."


He went insane, I guess this whole no physical contact for 14 day made him go insane. I can't believe I'm actually doing this for him and where's Anne she need to talk to his son, I hope Harry isn't like this when he goes into his twenties. We sat on the bench across the street from where Ivy and the boys were eating "can we just leave them alone they're having girl time with each other" I say feeling bad for spying on them "but why them and not us?" I rolled my eyes "maybe it's because Michael and Luke were raised by their mother more than their dad and all they probably did was listen to their mum nag about their life and it's probably because they act like sassy divas that had cat fights all the time when we were in school."

We sat here for an hour but nothing this is getting ridiculous "Ash-" he shushed me "they're coming this way act natural" I groaned crossing my arms sinking into the bench "Calum, Ashton?" Ivy said "what are you two doing here and why do you have binoculars?" I hesitated to answer "we are looking at the birds" Ashton blurred out which made Ivy laugh "ok, well have fun you two" then she walked off. "You need counseling" say bluntly but he didn't listen to me, instead he dragged me to his black jeep and started driving "we need a new plan." "Like going home and forget about all this" I say "that's a great idea!" I jerked up with a sigh of relief "really?" "Of course in order to know what she talks to them about I have to find her diary" my jaw dropped, what is wrong with him?! My best friend has gone insane and is now going to ruin his relationship with Ivy he finds the key and her diary.

We made it back home and he rushed up stairs to their shared bed room so I decided to stay in my comfort zone and play more FIFA while he goes crazy about her secrets.


Dammit, I can't find her diary or the key; I checked the bathroom, under the bed, under the pillows, in the drawers, on the dresser and in the closet. Where could her diary be? "Ashton" I jumped then straighten up "Ivy, your back!" I say surprised "yes I'm back and your snooping around, why?" I felt my face turning red "I'm guessing you're looking for my diary" she pulled it out from her purse "h-how?" I ask but didn't finish "Calum told me" I blushed "right."

She giggled, that beautiful laugh that I love "if you wanted to know my fears you should ask or take me on a date dumb, dumb" I chuckled "and I know you were spying on me" I gulped.

"This diary only has fears I'm having that's all, no secrets" she sat on the bed opening the diary. I slowly sat down next to her on the edge of the bed with our legs partly touching and she started to read her fears to me "one of my fears is being alone, I'm afraid of the dark, I'm afraid of failing others especially you. I'm afraid of being hurt, or pushed away..." I listened to everything she was saying and I felt guilty for not being there for as much as I should have. I guess I was too focused on trying to have a baby that I didn't realize she felt that way "...and I'm afraid of losing you" I wiped away her tears with my thumb and kissed her forehead "you'll never lose me, ever and I will never let you go no matter what. I love you and always will, which is why I'm taking you out to the amusement park for a date tonight so wear something nice and comfortable" she smiled and nodded.

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