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Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


30. 2017

I'm now a month pregnant and Ashton was so excited when our doctor called wanting us to come in for a check up. Ashton was so excited he had to change his pants. "Well everything seems perfectly normal, they are perfectly healthy" me and Ashton looked at him shocked "they!" He smiled "you're having triplets!" Ashton stayed quiet "Ashton?" He stood up "in just going to get some water I'll be ba-" he passed out so the doctor laid him on a bed next to me "is he going to be ok?" I asked "of course" Ashton jolt awake "TWINS!!!" I giggled "no triplets" I say to him. "Two boys and a girl" Ashton smiled "Avery, Levy, and Allen." We said our good byes and went home to tell the news "were having triplets 2 boys and a girl!" I say and the girls squealed hugging me while the boys did their manly Hugs and a pat on the back. "What are you naming them?" Raz asked me "Avery, Levy and Allen" "that is so cute" Riandi gushed. Ashton face timed his mum and told her the news "the baby room is going to be blue and pink Zayn agreed to come over and help" Shay came back with 4 teas and each of us one "thanks" I say "no problem, this tea will keep the babies healthy that's what my mum always said." I sipped my tea "wow this is really good" I say "thank you it's my mum's secret recipe. Ashton came on with Jess on his back "Jess wanted to ask you if she can help Zayn paint even Karen of course wants to help. I said yes" I nodded "she can help" I heard the front door slam "he's here" Zayn came to the dinning room with a smile "there goes the babies mama" I hug him kissing his cheek "how's Gigi?" I asked "she's fine what about you? You look great and healthy and the babies, you're having triplets!" He touched my stomach with a smile "I might start a family myself" I showed him to the baby room "wow, did the boys do this?" I nodded "I'm shocked they even read the instructions" he set the bag in one of the baby crib and the whole thing fell apart "now I see why. He fixed the cribs then started painting "give them the credit, don't tell them that I fixed it, yea?" I nodded giggling. Jess and Karen came in wearing Ashton's white t-shirt "this must be Jess and the fan girl Karen" Karen squealed, I cleared my throats and she co trolled her self " here" he handed them a paint brush and they started painting. Zayn watched Jess making sure that she's painting in the right places. "Jess come here" she walked towards him between his legs "you need to brush it up and down smoothly making sure the air don't mess the paint up forming bubbles, like this" he turned her around so she's facing the wall and gently grabbed her wrist moving it up and down on the wall smoothly. I laughed at Jess blushing "aaawwww someone has a little crush on Zayn" Jess turned a crimson red as Zayn kissed her cheek. "Can you be my boyfriend?" I giggled when Zayn said yes. She smiled happily and kept painting with him; I went down stairs seeing the boys play video games and Ashton reading a book on babies. "Ashton come with me upstairs" I asked, I wrapped my arms around him and rubbed his chest "please- Ah!" Ashton jumped and the boys stopped playing "Ivy!" I smiled "the babies are kicking and to be honest it was a really mean kick" Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael laid they're hands on my stomach feeling 5 kicks. Ashton kissed my stomach as a few tears slide down his cheek "they're happy and alive" they kicked again "I guess they like hearing your voice" I say "or maybe it's your voice" he kissed my lips again. "Jess has a boyfriend, it's Zayn" he laughed "how's he going to explain that to Gigi" Zayn came down with his kit and Jess in his arms "I'll be back tomorrow" he set Jess down kissing her forehead. Ashton pulled out his wallet but Zayn stopped him "no need to pay me were friends and besides it's a special day for you guys" I smiled "thank you" he nodded and left. Ashton took me to the room and laid me down on the bed and started making me bath water "you need help?" I blushed in embarrassment nodding "don't be in embarrassed it's normal" he kissed my cheek and help take my pants and panties off "don't even think about it Ashton, not with these babies in me" he sighed. He took my shirt and bra off then carried me to the bath tub "Ashton it can't be too hot" he nodded putting his foot in it "it's ok" he gently laid me in the tub and sat between my legs. I poured water in his hair wetting it and playing with it "that feels good baby, keep going" I giggled putting soap in his hair "mummy" me and Ashton jumped "Andy!" Michael picked Andy up "sorry" he ran down stairs with Andy in his arms. "I don't think he will ask besides it's not like we were doing anything sexual, right?" I agreed. After our bath we went to bed.

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