Boyfriend, father, husband💍

Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


7. 1st day

Me and Luke went to the spa since he's the only guy who can be a little feminine in a way but also keep his manly side which was cute. "So, you and Ashton are starting over until you two have that spark again?" "Basically yes" Luke laughed "how long do you think he will last?" The lady started doing my hair "he's not going to last long, I'm pretty sure he's freaking out right now."


"Ashton, you ok man? You look a little tense" Ashton gritted his teeth "I'm perfectly fine" Michael and Calum looked at each other then saw a tent in his pants "he's sexually frustrated apparently" he frowned "I'm not sexually frustrated."

"You have a hard on I think you should go take care of that" Calum said making Ashton blush.


"So, what do you think?" Luke face twisted a little "turn around" I did what Luke said "to be honest that dress is horrible on you, sorry but it's true" I giggled "ok your turn what store do you want to go to next?" I ask going back to the changing room, changing back into my cloths "well first we should get a bite to eat, I'm starving" I laughed "your always starving. I hung the dress on the rail and left the store; "how about, pizza?" Luke shook his head "we have a lot of pizza left over trust me I opened my fridge and a pile of pizzas slide out of the fridge, Calum said the same thing about it as well." I chuckled "ok, how about Asian" he nods "I'm up for it" we went to the food court and headed to the Asian food section "so, how long do you think Ashton can last?" I silently laughed to myself "not long obviously, Calum texted me that Ashton went to fix his little problem" Luke and I ordered our food and payed "he can't last a second" I started eating "not one bit." A few fans saw us but luckily they had enough respect to let us have our privacy "has Arzaylea called?" He shook his in disappointment "not even once, do you think she's cheating on me?" I didn't speak. The last time I hung out with her, she threw herself at other guys "I don't know" I say (no hate on Arzaylea I think she's a sweet heart).

Luke texted her again but no answer "maybe she's trying to have family time with out the whole fame and paparazzi" he thought about it "I guess you're right" I smiled "good."

After shopping we went to Michael's house "we're back!" I shout. Ashton came running down stairs trying to kiss me but stopped himself "uh...hi" I patted his chest "you can do it" I walked pass him "your enjoying this aren't you?" I smirked "very, but it's for our own good before we hurt each other and regret what we might do to each other. It's only 14 days Ashton how hard can it be?"

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