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Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


21. 10th day

"Mummy, daddy I'm hungwy" I scrunched my nose hearing Jess voice "what are we doing today?" Ashton groaned pulling me close to him "Jess sweetie please stop jumping, uncle Calum is taking you out today. You're going to hang with your uncles for a while" she hopped off of us and started getting dressed "while she's out it's just me and you" I pushed him away getting up "4 more days Irwin" i take a shower, brush my teeth, fix my hair then put on my pajama shorts and one of Ashton's shirt on "Calum already got her?" Ashton laid spread out on the bed his hands behind his head. I sit on his lap both legs on each side of him. His hands slide down to my ass lightly squeezing it "fuck you're so hot" I pamper him in kisses trailing down his chest until his mum intruded "mum!!" Anne rolled her eyes "Ashton calm down I've been changing your diapers for years I know what your wee wee looks like" I stifled a laugh "mum." She ignores him and continues what she's about to say "anyways me and the ladies are going out, Lauren and Harry are staying in Michael's room, have fun, cooking me up a grandchild"I blushed.

All day we just cuddled "you know this is nice I feel mature, we adopted a daughter, we're getting married and after 14 days "in going to put a baby in that belly" I kissed him a few times "what are we going to do for Calum's birthday?" Ashton shrugged playing on his phone.


At the mall "where's Jess! Ivy is going to kill us" Calum panicked "Jess!" Luke yelled "I got an idea" Michael climbed on top of the bench "who here likes 5 seconds of summer" a few minutes later a crowd of girls crowded around them screaming. The boys hushed the crowed "hi, uhm... we lost our niece and we need you guys to please help us find her. Her name is Jess she has blonde hair and blue eyes, she's wearing a black tutu with a red kitten shirt, red tights and black converse, she has a black boa in her hair also don't put this on the social media cause Ivy doesn't need to know." The girls went out to find Jess "how did you know that would work?" Michael shrugged "I didn't" they hopped off the bench and went to search for Jess "Jess! I'll stay here just in case she shows up" Luke said.


Ivy is going to kill us, my phone rang and the collar ID is... IVY!! "Ok deep breathes; Ivy hey" I say a little nervous "how is Jess? Is she having fun?" I looked around to see if I could find her "uuuhh...yea she's with Calum right now she's using the restroom right now" I lied "oh ok" a teenage girl came up to me with Jess "I found your niece" I smiled on the inside I'm scared "tha-thank you" Ivy was quiet for a moment "did you lose my baby?" Calum and Michael finally came back "is Mike and Cal there?" "Yea" I say "good put them on speaker" I did what she said "WHEN YOU GUYS GET HOME YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE HOW COULD YOU LET HER WALK OFF LIKE THAT SOMEONE COULD HAVE KIDNAPPED HER!!" We winced at her yelling and a few people were looking at us crazy "hi mummy" Jess said "hi sweetie, did you have fun?" Jess hummed "good your uncles will be bringing you home soon, ok?" "Ok mummy" Calum picked Jess up "you guys are dead" then she hung up "what do you think she will do to us?" Jess looked at us with a big adorable smile, well now we know that likes walk off.

"How did Jess even run off?" Ivy asked "well..."

-flash back-


"We have to check out the new games" Michael ran off to the game store "I'm getting something to eat" Luke said leaving Calum and Jess alone "stuffed animals!" Calum grabbed her hand keeping her from walking off "no Jess stay with me" she pouted trying to drag Calum to the toy store "uncle Calum I want a stuffed toy" she whined "wait we will get a toy right after we go to Macy's."

-flashback over-

"Really, videos games and food? What about Jess she was supposed to hang out with her uncles. next time I'm leaving her with Ben and Jack" they gaped "were good uncles we just get distracted that's all" Ivy glared at them.


I can't believe I let 3 idiots watch my child I only had her for 2 days and she already went missing for 19 min. Jess crawled in bed cuddling with her dad "hey did you have fun?" She nodded "I went to go play with the stuffed animals" she said happily showing her white baby teeth "that's where she was!" "What do you mean, that's where she was? You lost our child?" They laughed nervously "what the fuck!" I threw a pillow at Ashton "don't say that in front of Jess" I say "mummy what does fu-" I hushed her "don't say that word it's a very mean word and a very bad word don't ever use it" I say sternly "so I can't use shit either?" I glared at Michael "sorry?" I shook my head "no Jess you can't use that either."

The boys left back to their room "I'm surprised that they even have a dog" Ashton laughed "I am too." I got back in bed pep our our 5 month old bull dog jumped on the bed and laid beside Jess "I want to adopt another child" I say making Ash's eyes wide "one is already enough, I'm not trying to become the next Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie" I kissed his neck "plz" I kept kissing on his neck and lightly sucking on it "ok fine" luckily Jess is sleep cause I really don't want her asking questions "I can't believe I let you seduce me into having another child" I smiled "thank you."

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