A Hundred Types of Hurt

Millard Elliston and Kyra Ridley, both fifteen, are two completely different people from different parts of Australia. Millard is a country boy from Hughenden, Queensland, who wants to take after his dad, a cattle farmer. Kyra is a girl from Wodonga who wishes to become a singing sensation.
When the two end up moving into Melbourne and going to the same school, the both of them are hit by different types of bullies from every direction. And when they finally meet, they find they have some chemistry and work together to hit back at the bullies.
After all, opposites attract. Right?


6. Kyra

Sleeping was impossible. I was thinking too much, about my anger at Dad, about why we couldn't have just moved near our old house in Camberwell instead of the other side of Melbourne, about what school would be like, about what Mum would say if she was still with us, about the boy next door.

Those nine hours of 'sleeping' felt like an entire century. I never noticed the clouds make their gradual trip across to the other side of the sky. I just stared at the ceiling, imagining all my troubles hanging up there.

When dawn finally broke, I wearily made my way into the kitchen. Dad was in there, cooking pancakes. Worry tugged at me. It was rarely ever a good thing when Dad made pancakes.

Dad, sensing my fear despite having his back on me, said, "Morning, Kyra. Before you even think of asking, I understood how difficult this move was for you and William." I already thought of asking.

Most of the fear left me, but not all of it. There was still that bit from last night. But I didn't need to blurt that out.

After the pancakes, I decided I'd walk outside, get some fresh air. I looked out at the house across the road. The boy was there, looking over at this house. Our eyes met. He turned away yet again. Boys!

He wouldn't turn his head back, so I just walked across the road right up to him. "Hello." I obviously took him by surprise, I could tell by the number of metres he jumped backwards.

"Oh, hello. What's your name?" His cheeks were getting redder by the minute, matching his jumper. He made it quite clear he had little to no experience with girls.

"Kyra. Kyra Ridley. You?"

His cheeks were outmatching his jumper. "Millard Elliston. Your name's nice." Boom, way to blow it.

"Thanks, I guess. Where are you from? I have reason to believe you've moved as well. I'm from Wodonga, but I used to live in Camberwell." I also get my skill as a chatterbox from Mum, according to Dad.

"Um, Hughenden. Never heard of Wodonga, or Camberwell."

"Wodonga's in North-East Victoria, and Camberwell's a suburb of Melbourne, on the other side of the CBD. I've never heard of Hughenden."

"Central Queensland. I've got to go, I'm heading into my new school to grab some things."

"Same with me. Later." He didn't reply to that. Rude, but I decided I'd let that go. He was going a shade of red I never knew existed.


Upon afternoon's arrival, Dad, William and I drove into the new school. We met with the principal, Mrs Honeysett. A split second after introduction, she began with a speech you'd normally hear at a school assembly. She told us about the expectations and such at the school, which, as we all know, are the same at all schools. Dad wouldn't save us.

Who knows how many 'days' went by before she finished. Once she did finish, we finally got our uniforms from the school and went into all the newsagents to get our equipment, on a list given to us by the assistant principal, Mr Brown.

Another night arrived to end my first full day at my new house. One less day until school would start.

And, in my opinion, that was in no way a good thing.

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