Hermione is sick of hiding the truth and she lets everyone know who her crush is, but will everyone be able to take the news? The battle against Voldemort is now over, things are different. Hermione decides no more secrets.


1. The arrival

"I know you two are devastated still after the war, but seriously, do you two really think that Fred would want you crying over him for months on end?" I asked Harry and Ron. Even though I didn't want to sound rude, I promised that I would tell the truth because I was tired of all the secrets. 
“It wasn't your brother who died was it mate. You didn't lose family!" Ron yelled at me and me and Harry both looked at him. 
“I'll have you know Ron that you are not the only one to lose someone! I had to erase my parents memories! They don't know me Ronald and did you forget about Harry?! He never really knew his parents!" With that I stood up and left, I can't believe that I kissed him in the chamber of secrets, especially since I didn't even like him!
 I went in search of Ginny because she decided she didn't want to sit with Harry while her brother was watching her constantly. “
Hey there mudblood" I heard a familiar voice say. I turned around and my face red like a tomato,my  hands clenched into fists,and my teeth were grinding together.
"What do you want Malfoy! Also, can you stop calling me that stupid name?! Just because you are an immature bastard with low self-esteem and a big ego doesn't mean your all that!" I screamed at him. Wait. Why would I say that to him? Only I would yell at my crush like that!
I sighed at my stupidity and continued on my search for Ginny, the only one so far that new of my secret. 

I finally found her in the last compartment, reading by herself. I plumped myself down and sighed. She put down her book and stared at me.
"What's wrong Sweet Pickle?" She asked, using the nickname she gave me a month ago. 
“It's Draco. I can't get my mind off of him, and I keep making a fool of myself."
“It's just because your nervous, you will win over his heart," she assured me. 
"Thanks Ginny, I hope your right." I sighed.
She laughed. “Sweet pickle, I'm always right. Now, let's go get our robes on, we are almost at the school." She got our robes out of the trunks and together we went to change so we were ready for when we arrived at Hogwarts.
“First years this way!" Called a familiar voice of Hagrid.
“Hey Hagrid!" I called walking up to him.
“Hello there Hermione. Where are Ron and Harry?" He asked looking over my shoulder.
“I don't know, they are probably still bawling their eyes out somewhere." I replied.
“Oh. So how are things with you and Draco?" He asked, ignoring the terrified first years staring at him.
“Hagrid! Be quiet! I don't want anyone to know just yet I am finding a time where I can tell them and you only know because you saw me staring at him behind a bookshelf in the library." I whispered to him. Hagrid laughed and then pretended to seal his lips and throw away the key. I laughed and me and Ginny got into a carriage with Neville and Luna. Now we could all see the thestrals that drive us there. We all stared at them, not saying a word for we hated the reason we were able to see them.
When we finally arrived at the castle we all shuffled out, nobody said anything. Harry and Ron finally caught up with us inside and they were taking about how weird this school year was going to be since we don't have Dumbledore died and Proffesor Magonagal became headmaster. 
“I don't think it will be that weird." I butted in. "She was pretty good at keeping us in check anyway so I'm excited." They both did a half nod and I noticed that their eyes were red from crying earlier. I sighed and we all entered the great hall. While everyone was giggling I was staring at Draco and I the only thing that snapped me out of my daze is the beginning of the sorting. After everyone entered I only payed attention when Gryfindor was yelled by the sorting hat which was 8 times, 5 girls and 3 boys. I was so entranced by Drwco that Ginny had to tap me when it was my turn as a prefect to take first years to the dormitory. I took one lady glance and Draco and then yelled, “First years follow me!"

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