Yes I want to die

The poem is actually quite different from how the title makes it seem. It's more about finding your voice and stating your opinions. Hope you enjoy :)


1. Opinions and nerves

Yes I want to die

Yes I want to die

And yes sometimes I don't

But no I don't hate this

And yes I am nervous

There are nerves swallowing me whole

Spitting me back out

Watching me crumble

And using my voice to voice actual meaning is something I've been terrified of

I've been using my voice just to sing

But now I can use it to scream and speak

And to show what I want to

To give my opinions a chance in this cut-throat, murderous, undeniably selfish world

To show I am strong

To show you're allowed to believe in yourself

Since this society tells you only to believe in yourself if others do

To only love yourself if other tell you to

To only get permission for- But wait they tell you to get permission for everything you do

And my voice is loud right now

And I hope damn well everyone hears it

Because right now I have a voice

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