Hiding Away In Your Love

Caroline grew up in the small state of South Carolina. Her family was rich, her father owned millions of business across the US. Her parents were happily married. When she turned 23, she married the love of her life, though she thought. 8 years of her marriage was constant brutal beatings from her husband, constant verbal fights, constant rape, hospital visits, and a few miscarriages, ect. Will Caroline finally get the courage to run away and hopefully keep her identity a secret and find her true love, or will she stay and deal with the constant fighting and arguments?


7. Admiring a New

   Here I was, walking up some strange mans drive way with him, not even knowing him but what, 4 hours? He just invites me over, acting like I couldn't be a serial killer or something..this feels funny..

"And welcome to Casa De Conner" He laughed as he unlocked the door with a big goofy smile on his face. 

Holy shit, this place was huge...this walk on the drive way felt miles away and this house, oh wow, its not a house, this, this is a mansion. 

"Come on in Caroline.." He smiles as he takes my hand, "we won't bite"

"We?" I say nervously.

"Yeah like I said, I was meeting up with some friends for some business.." He bites his lip, like he is trying to hold something in..

"What is this type of business?" 

"Nothing that you need to be concerned about" He smirks..

"Then what am I doing here?" I freeze, ready to run for the door any second now...he better not step one step any closer..

"As a friend, you needed a place too stay, you also look like I don't have any decent clothes.."

"So now, I'm homeless?"

"No, no no, I didn't say that, I'm just saying, with my help, you could be rich and amazing. You'd look sexy in a pants suit." He smirks even more as he leads me upstairs to the third floor..

"Okay, hold your roll mister Conner" 

He just laughs as he opens this door, "this is your new room, for a few days, weeks, months or years even"

"Oh...look thanks for the offer but I can really support my self.."

"No you can't. let me help you out some.."

"Fine, 5 days, thats it. Count Down Starts"



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