Learn To Love

Coffee shops are good places for meeting new people. The only problem is that these two don't want to know each other. Kinsey Adan Catte and Jaxon Kilee Malon are two people who met in the coffee shop Java for You. This is a story about two young and naive lovers who will learn the hardships of life. I'll probably end up doing a series on this book.


1. Prologue

“Hey, I’m Jaxon Kilee Malon.”

    “And I’m Kinsey Adan Catte.”

    “Wait, wait, wait.  Your middle name is Adan?  Since when?”

    “Since I was named?”

    “Oh, okay.  I just never knew.”

“Yeah, I had gathered that much.  Anyways, Jaxon and I are  writing a story on our lives and how we came to know each other.  So, in this book you’ll hear about our friends, our hardships, our lovers, and our overall lives.”

“Mind you Kinsey and I are somewhere around 25 in this book so, we were young and still slightly naive.  But, that’s always why all of the young-love love stories are the best.  Because they’re filled with young, naive lovers.”

“Also, in the story Jaxon and I will be switching perspectives.  So, you’ll be seeing bold, italicized words at the top of every section.  You can probably guess that Jaxon is writing the Jaxon portions and I’m writing the Kinsey portions.  You’ll also see what the date of that section is at the top by the name.”

“This all takes place in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.  So we are Americans and we all have some pretty good times.”

“But, instead of yapping on and on.  Let’s get on with the story of our love-lives.”

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