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Coffee shops are good places for meeting new people. The only problem is that these two don't want to know each other. Kinsey Adan Catte and Jaxon Kilee Malon are two people who met in the coffee shop Java for You. This is a story about two young and naive lovers who will learn the hardships of life. I'll probably end up doing a series on this book.


11. Kinsey April 22nd, 2016

The “cruise” finishes up and Jaxon comes back to work.



Finally!  My training is finished and the boss said that I was one of his most promising looking workers.  Guess what else happened today too.  Jaxon came back!  So, now that means I can try the let it flow tactic my mom suggested.  Let’s just hope that it all works out.

“So, Kinsey, how was your training with Simone?”  Jaxon asked.

“Good.  Just hoping that all of it pays off.  Especially considering the boss said that I look like a pretty promising counter worker.”  I replied.  But I really do hope that I can use all of my training to bump up through the levels and get promotions.

“As long as you don’t completely mess up the orders and such I think you’ll be okay.  The boss likes anyone who can do what they’re supposed to well enough and quick enough to make some moola.  That’s why, so far, none of us have been fired.”

“Those are some pretty good ways to keep yourself in a job.  Even with the hardest core of hard core bosses.”  I said with a smile forming.  After I said it I got a small snort from Jaxon.  Looking over at him I can tell that he’s thinking pretty hard about something, but I can’t tell what exactly.

“Jaxon?  Can I ask you something serious?”

“Yeah.  Why wouldn’t you be able to?”  he asks as he turns to look at me.

“So, you may know that… umm…. My birthday!  My 25 birthday is coming up in a couple days, on Saturday actually, and I was wondering whether or not you’d want to come?”

“That wasn’t necessarily what I was expecting but yeah.  I can come.  Actually I might need to talk to my friend and see if he was planning anything for us on Saturday.  Mainly because usually Saturday is our day to hang out.”  he rushes out, trying to fix the conversation,  “But yeah.  I’ll check with him to see what’s going on.”

“Oh, okay.  Just make sure to get back to me by Friday.  Which means you get Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday till noon.”  I said.

“Yep.”  Jaxon replied.  And, that’s when everything got awkward between us because I could clearly tell that he wanted to talk to me about something.  I also think that he was sort of hoping that I would say something else.

“Jaxon do you have anything else you really want to talk about or do you just wanna get to work and make coffee?  I don’t really want to intrude on your personal life but you seem troubled.”  I ask him.

“Nope.  I was just wondering whether or not we should make ourselves some frappucinos before we get to work.”  he replied, breaking the tension.  I just smiled and nodded my head thinking whether or not he would have us make each other’s frappuccinos.

“But, from the looks of it we won’t have enough time today.”  he said trying to see how many people were getting ready to come onto Java for You and get their morning coffee.  I can imagine the joy that Jaxon was feeling about the fact that we already had somewhere around 20 people waiting.

“Ugh!  Why do we have to make soo much coffee for so many people.  Because, it’s not like there’s the fact that coffee is one of my favorite beverages.  We just make it too much, so it’s slowly but surely becoming one of my least favorite things to make.”  a joke.

“Well, it’s not like anybody forced you into this job, you at least got to choose where you wanted to work.  I was forced into this job by my parents because they thought that I wasn’t making enough money in my last job.  So they scheduled an interview for me, bought me an apartment near the place, bought me a car, and tried to make it so I had the greatest possible chance of me getting the job.  Therefore I have never actually had a real time experience with a job interview.  So, no matter how much I really hate the job and how much I say I’m gonna quit I will never quit because of the fact that for my first job I was a spoiled little brat.”

“No.  Cause my parents were like that for my younger sister.”  But while I say this there were other things on my mind.  I can’t believe that Jaxon told me his backstory.  He told me something that I could use against him if we ever become enemies.  Hopefully I won’t have to use it though.

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