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Coffee shops are good places for meeting new people. The only problem is that these two don't want to know each other. Kinsey Adan Catte and Jaxon Kilee Malon are two people who met in the coffee shop Java for You. This is a story about two young and naive lovers who will learn the hardships of life. I'll probably end up doing a series on this book.


12. Jaxon April 22nd, 2016




    After work I go to call Kameron and end up talking to Raven on my way out.  She had only come to get coffee but saw that I was there so we stopped and talked for a little bit.

“So, you still work at the same coffee shop that you’ve worked at for 6 years.  Which means that you started when you were 19.  When exactly did you get your first job?”

“I started working at age 16.  I worked at a Outback as a waiter for some years but my parents suggested other ideas, and this little coffee shop was one of them.  So, I filled out an application, got an interview, and BOOM!  I ended up getting a job here.”  I said with a sigh. But after realizing that it sounded like I was asking for pity I smiled.

“But, I love this job.  I’ve actually found a lot of new friends because of this job.  A lot of people have remembered my name, birthday, and remembered that I like certain things.  We respect each other as well as tell each other our problems sometimes.  I have friends that, in my mind, could count as a family.  I seriously think that they know myself better than I do.”  I said still smiling.

“That’s always good when you have someone like that to talk to.  Because I know that if I didn’t have Kameron to be there for me I wouldn’t be the person I am now.”  Raven said, obviously thinking about some of the harder times in her life.

“That is definitely a good reason to have an other half.  But don’t go saying that’s why you should get a girlfriend Jaxon or something else like that.  Got it?”  I said jokingly.

“Yes Jaxon.  I understand what you do and do not want to be told.  I have a friend who is going through the same thing.  She works in a coffee shop too, surprisingly.”  I think that Raven just realized something that she probably didn’t realize and or know earlier.

“Anyway.  I think that I should head out, get this coffee delivered to my boss before she wonders what I’m doing, and talk to you later.  ‘Kay?” Raven says ending our conversation.  I just nod my head to her in farwell walking away.  I go into the back room and call Kameron’s number so I can ask him if he’s free right now.

“Hello, Kameron Juscer.”

“Hey Kam.  It’s Jaxon.  Can I stop off at your place on my way home so we can talk about some stuff?”

“Hey Jaxon.  Yeah you can come on over but you need to bring a coffee for me.  I’ll pay you back dude, don’t worry.”  he says chuckling over the phone.

“Yes.  I will bring you some coffee.  But when I get there I better get some of your famous fruit punch.”

“Already done,”  he says,  “but how much longer till you get here because I’m craving some coffee.” I laugh and head back to the front to make his coffee.

“If you want your coffee I need to hang up.”  Beep.  Well then, he was definitely eager to get some coffee.  I grab a cup and start his coffee.

Thirty minutes later I’m at Kameron’s front door waiting for him.  After making the coffee I had gotten into my car thinking about the best way to break the fact that I’m in-

“Sup Jaxon.  You did make me coffee!”  Kameron says, interrupting my thoughts.

“Yeah why wouldn’t I?”  I say as I hand him the coffee cup.  I shake my head when he tries to trade me for a 10.

“But, I told you that I would pay you back.”  he protests, still trying to give me the bill.

“Kameron Felp Juscer, why do I think I asked you to make me a fruit punch?  Not because I want you to spend money and time on a single drink for me and then have you pay me for the coffee but because I wanted to trade a fruit punch for a coffee.  So, please don’t try to give me money for the coffee.”

“Fine.  Come on in.  I have your fruit punch all ready.  And I even put it on the coffee table for you.  And I promise that I won’t try to give you the 10.”  Kam says to me.

“Good.  I came over because I really need to talk to you about some recent events.  Those recent events may have a major impact on the future of our lives.  Especially how often I get to see you if that person feels the same way I do.”  I confess to him.

“Wait, Jaxon.  Are you saying that you might have found a-a-a girlfriend?!?!”

“IF IF IF!  What do you not get about the IF in that sentence?  But yes, I might have a girlfriend IF she likes me as well.  You need to remember the meaning of the word if.  Do we need to review the dictionary?”  I say laughing.

“Dude.  Do you understand what this means!?!?!  We can have double dates now!!!”  he sat screaming and jumping around like a five-year-old.

“Yo, Kam settle down.  We can maybe have double dates IF she likes me as well.”  I say still laughing.

“What’s her name?  Well, first where does she work?”

“She works in Java for You.”

“Okay.  What does she look like?”

“Beautiful dyed, dark auburn hair, hazel eyes, and a fair, tan complexion.  She’s like a beautiful beach version of Raven with dyed hair.  Any outfit that she wears works well with her eyes, or her skin, or her hair.  She’s just a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful woman.”

“Okay.  What’s her name?”

“Why should I tell you?”  I say as Kameron gives me his worst glare. “Fine her name is Kinsey Catte.”

“Is she a friend of Raven’s?  Or did Raven ever mention anything about a friend starting a new job at a coffee shop?”

“Yeah, actually is was just today.  Why?”

“Because if you really wanted me to I could tell you whether or not this girl likes you.”

“Kameron tell me now!”  I say staring at his stupid looking grin.  The worst part was that I probably had one slightly similar to his on my face.  It was most likely more ornery looking though.

“Drum roll please……….yes she does like you, Jaxon Kilee Malon.”

“Dude. You do understand that we now have found a girlfriend for me.  And I know exactly when to ask her to be my girlfriend.”

“When are you gonna ask her dude?  Cause wouldn’t you need to go on a date first?”

“No, Kameron Juscer, you do not necessarily need to go on a date to be boyfriend/girlfriend.  You just need to make sure that you both like each other.”  I say with a grin.

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