My Life

This for the stories that I have begun to feel comfortable sharing with people.


1. My Big Brother

I have an Older Brother, Antwon, he was what you call a big brother. But he was hardly my best friend. An Older Brother is supposed to protect you, love you, entertain you, and so forth. He did none of those things. He was the exact opposite. I was to terrified to be around him. He is part of the reason why pain isn’t even pain to me anymore. When both of our parents would leave us alone at home with him, he would hit me with my dad’s or even his belts. The f***ed up part about it is, I don’t even know if he even had a reason to be doing it. I hated when my parents would leave, not because I would miss them, no, I didn’t want to be left with him. I never told my parents because I felt like they wouldn’t believe me. I didn’t even tell my sister or my closest friend, who I grew up with. I don’t even know if my sister knew about it. I don’t even remember a time where we just played…not even once. Do you know how messed up that is, I know I was young, like 6, but I would still remember having fun. If I remember him hurting me emotionally and Physically then I think I would remember having fun. H*ll all the times that I needed protecting from something like the mysterious snake in the cabinet, the stray dog, or just the nightmares. He was never there even for that, it was always my sister. So in a weird way my sister was always my older brother and sister. I would say I owe my life to my sister for being both siblings at once.

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