Left Forgotten

Why do I live? My mom hates me, and my dad is the only person left for me. I say this as I carefully grab the knife and place it over my wrist. So what...nobody will care. The knife gets deeper, and begins to bleed. Drips of blood calms me down. This is what I am.


1. Introduction

Thirteen year old Marceline Berlie, lived with her mother, and hardly saw her father. Her mother nearly killed Marceline, at age seven. Her father had then token care of her for three years, then was given back to her mother after his schedule changed, and he could no longer take care of her for long. Her mother begin abusing her ever since she came back, because she saw her dads figure in her face. Marceline and her mother looked nothing alike. Marceline was smart, had friends, and tried her best in school. That was until high school came, and things weren't the same. This is not, I repeat, no, a true story. Please, enjoy.

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