"I love you, Thomas."

Your best Maze Runner dream come true.


1. I see Him

I gasp. I look up and see a handsome boy standing above me. He has brown hair that lays flatly on top of his head. He had warm hazel-brown eyes. He had tan skin that was gleaming with drips of sweat. I steady my frantic breaths, and try and sit up. I struggle, realizing I'm bound. I squirm around for a minute, feeling and breathing frantic again. The boy then says "Calm down, calm down. You're all right! You are sick, you need to relax." He finished firmly. I nod my head. I take in my surroundings. I sit in a white space, shut off by a mere yellow curtain that looks dirty and molded. "My name is Thomas. You're in an organization called WCKD. I'm going to break you out. "Okay", My raspy voice mumbles, still mesmerized by his thrilling gorgeousness.  He sticks a needle in my arm. I wince, and muffle my yelp by biting the shit out of my tongue.  I feel hazy after a minute or so, then I go limp all over. I am still awake and aware, just, paralyzed in a way. He picks me up. His arms are sturdy, and muscles bulge throughout them. I 'bite' my lip out of shear lust. I then pass out. 

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