Answerd love (2)

Calum and Eleanor are back together after they find each other 6 years later. A lot has changed over the few months. Calum is back on the road again with the boys and Elli and Cal bought a house. Eleanor was expecting a child from Andrew but he doesn't want to take care of the baby. Will Cal's and Elli's relationship work out or is raising a baby who isn't yours too hard?


2. hospital

Chapter one

Eleanor's POV;

I'm laying in a hospital bed when I wake up because of a voice next to me. I quietly look beside me and see Calum sitting on a chair with my little girl in his arms quietly singing her to sleep. After I told Andrew what I still felt for Cal he told me he didn't want to take care of her. My girl. My princess. My Rosalie just next to me with my man who I love a lot. The first man I loved and the only man I'll love forever. Calum looks away from Rosalie to take a look at me.

"Hey babe. How long have you been awake? How are you feeling now?", Calum whispers so he won't wake Rosalie.

"I'm alright. Just looking at you and thinking about how good of a father you are going to be for her.

He smiles and looks at her again.

"I would do anything to protect her and I am going to raise her as my own daughter.", he says proud.

"I love you Cal.", I say and a tear mixed with joy and love rolls over my cheek.

"I love you too Elli. And I always will."

And with that on my mind I fall asleep again.

"Come on babe. We are home. Rosalie is finally home!", says Cal and helps me get out of the car. He gets Rosalie and we walk to the house. The house is all turnt into a giant pink festival. A poster is hanging in front of the house with 'welcome home' written on it. There are pink balloons all over the place. I open the door revealing all the people I care about.

"WELCOME HOME!", they all scream together.

My eyes start to water seeing all of them here. Mom and dad together, Ashton, Mike, Luke, my sisters and brother. Cal's parents and his sister even flew over. I walk over to my mom and dad and let myself fall into their arms and start bawling my eyes out.

"T-thanks guys... I- I love you all ... So-so much..", I cry out of happiness.

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