You're an Angel (Destiel)

~*~ Dean And Casitel ~*~


2. 2

     Castiel had a shocked expression.  Dean had admitted his true feelings that he kept bottled up inside so long to Castiel.  Woah.  Castiel thought.  Dean had immediately regretted his confession, but Dean's thoughts were interrupted when Castiel broke the silence.  "Well Dean, this may be illegal, but I have opened up my heart and I have decided that I love you." Castiel admitted.  He felt a twist of emotions he never felt before.  Regret, love, anger, jealousy, happiness, joy, fear...  Dean didn't realize but he was feeling very happy since Castiel admitted.  "So, what do we do now Dean?" Castiel asked, in a confused voice.  "First...this..." Dean kissed Castiel taking the confused angel by surprise.  

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