You're an Angel (Destiel)

~*~ Dean And Casitel ~*~


1. 1

     "Fight me." Lucifer purrs under his breath.  I smirk.  "I'm not alone." I snap at Lucifer.  "Oh, you're gonna call your boyfriend?" Lucifer teases.  Lucifer is in Castiel's body.  I grab Lucifer by his tie.  "I know exactly how to free Castiel." I snap at Lucifer.  "Oh, how, you're going to use the power o-" I kiss Lucifer, well Castiel's body.  I don't know why but I enjoy it.  "Dean, what was that kiss.  I do not understand.." Castiel says.  "What kiss?" I say, casually.  "Dean, don't play games, I know it when your lying." Castiel confirms.  "Fine, it was to get rid of Lucifer.  " "But now we do not know where Lucifer is, Dean why did you let him go?" Castiel asked.  "Because, Casitel.  I need you... Casitel I-I... I love you..."

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