Horror in Chernobyl

The story began when Bob and his friends went to Chernobyl for a school trip
and that is supposed to be abandoned place because of de radiation and there occurred many strange things because some "ghost's"


1. Bob

The story began in High Mirus School in England when the teacher said at his students "Guys for the subject Science you need to do any investigation of abiothic and biothic systems in a ecosystem, please be creative, make groups of 5 people now" the date that you have to bring me the homework is July 15, so you have 5 months, start now". Bob and his group has a creative idea, he thought "Maybe we can go to a abandonated place and we can see how the nature keep growing even when there arent any people" and the teacher was agree with his idea, so they said a lot of abandonated places for go in the future, and then Jack said "Why not Chernobyl?, after the radiation disaster anyone dares to go there, maybe we can go just a few hours with a  tourist guy, are you agree?

Everybody were agree, because  all of they has money to travel there, but first they need aks to their parents

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