The Evanescence

Two little close friends detached by the distance are going to reunite themselves together after 10 years due to a strange set of missing in both of their natal countries.​



Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck... Brian catches me staring at him...Oh god, the hottest and most popular boy in school saw me watching him, now he's gonna tell his friends that I'm in love with him, their friends are gonna tell another friends and its gonna be a fucking buckle based on a fake gossip, my "social life" is going to end and I'll be known as the naivest girl at school. 

Well, I thought all that in 0.0001 seconds, when by the art of destiny Brian turned his head with his freaking beautiful black hair 180 grades. Thanks by where I was sitting (on the back of the classroom as always), Brian noted that a was almost possessed watching at him, however, he simply ignores me and continued paying attention to Mr Morris, the teacher I hate the most since I was on the seventh grade.

When Brian caught me I just got shocked and I thought that my school life was completely over. Of course the lovely Mr Morris took advantage of my deconcentration and decided to take me out of class... He's so fucking sweet. While I walked through the middle of all the classroom, I felt every single pair of eyes of my beautiful and understandables classmates (I think it's kinda obvious that was a sarcasm, I hate all of them except for my impossible crush and my only friend, Laura) starring at me.

When I finally got out of that veeeery long and apparently endless classroom, I started to feel nausea and a weight on the top of my back (not my pack) that seems to try to take me down to the floor. Everything became to turn around and I almost bllckout. The first thing I could think, although  I didn't want to, was Ashley, my childhood friend who turned to be a real bitch after she moved out from the placed we grow (a little town besides Sydney) to the fabolouse beach of Miami, telling everyone on the school about my (no so dark) secret.

My first reaction was to go directly to the bathroom and try to wash so face, so I did it. Everything became normal again so while I  washed my hands all I could think  was a place to hide so nobody saw me after that beautiful-ugly-uncomfortable-scary moment with Brian.There was only 1 minute left till the bell rings and all the school saw my not really pretty shame-face. Oh god oh god oh god....I can feel someone coming from my classroom....OH GOD WHAT IF ITS BRIAN!? IS HE GONNA LAUGH AT ME? OH GOOOD, 1 MINUTE TILL EVERYBODY CAN GO OUT I'M JUST GOTTA RELAX AND REMOVE THIS FUCKING SOAP FROM MY HANDS...I've never hated a soap so much as I do now, it seems to never go away, but when it appaers to be doing it, a perfect bubble of it just flies till it touch my eye.

IT HURTS AS HELL!!! Okay I'm just gonna relax and remove it with a loooot of water. Ok, I finally did it, I can barely see but it' okay. I dry my hands and I see a Paul, a really nice guy who's on eight grade running in front of my view as he just saw the Devil and worst, it seems to be following him. The only thing I can do is hide behind the old wood door of the bathroom and try to see what going on there. I bent over trying pointless to hide, but then I heard a deeply and short scream, I reach to check on Paul by the little window on the door but he just disappeared, one second later he was scarred ah hell on the hallway of the school, but now he's simply gone from nowhere.


Holy crap...This cannot be happening...not again.

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