When you can't do more

Have you ever since feel you derelict, entrust to an unclear,scary destiny? Or you can just watch on while other takes your life over.

Sorry for my english not the best.


1. Life

Imagine that you are sitting here all alone, you are among many people, but you know it will soon be over. Imagine that it is like being cooped up in a prison of thoughts, and get the death sentence. Once it is there, there is nothing to do, you can fight and say just as much as you want, but what will it do? nothing, it is certain even if you really know that you're innocent, you can't prove it, you can get the chance for others to see what good person you are? No! You are afraid because you know that the day is near, you count them, you are getting afraid of the answer. But a day comes the day, not unexpectedly, but before you had thought, it hard, but you know the feeling, the feeling of being scared, mixed with a sense of the screams and a sad. What you must do, you've long been wanting to talk to someone about it, or just say it out loud, but what would it help, you are indifferent to everyone even your nearest , they release soon for you for ever, and they are satisfied, it in any case it they exude. But the day has come, and you'll be taken there for a bit after it out with you, the only thing that is left to mark, it is pain.

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