Lets Race

Tilly finally found a place where she felt safe and herself but what will happen when everything changes, will she go back to her old self that no one really wants or will she fight for the person that means so much to her.


1. The beginning

Tilly had always been the shy girl, the one that people would always pick on call her fat but she wasn't one bit, she was one of the prettiest girls you would ever see with her curly blond hair and piercing green eyes. which she hides behind glasses but others where jealous so they put her down called her name - Fat, four eyes, whore, slut you name it they called her it. Then because she was a type of girl that believed thing that people said she didn't eat, she was almost put in hospital. Then when she got to her 4th year in school (year 10) she became depressed, she cut but to make it worse her parents started to use her as a punching bag. But then in year 11 everything changed she found people she could trust. Their names were Dan, Jay, Ash, and Beau.

She found then at the park near her house when she had sneaked out one night. Her parents were fighting again and she just needed to get away. In the darkness she could hear the music that was blasting throw Ash's car. They were all standing round the car with a map on the top. Being noise Tilly walked over to the boys and said hi making them all jump. "What you doing?" She had asked. "We girl, are running away sick of this place we need to get away. Who are you?" Jay had said. She thought his voice was the sexiest thing she had ever heard. But she had never had felt this comfy with anyone, she loved it. She felt like there was something about these 5 boys that made them so easy to talk to, she loved that. "I'm Tilly" She had answered him. The boys told her their names and asked what she was doing out here, at first she was reluctant to tell them but then she thought why lie. She told them about her parents but not about her depression or the cuts that lined her arms.

They talked for hours by the time she had got home it was past midnight and her parents were annoyed at her for sneaking out and meeting strangers they started to hurt her more than anyone could. 5 months later she was drained and bruised everywhere, she had texted Jay, she told him all this, but she kept it away from him for 5 months, she thought he left already. But the next thing she knew he was banging down her door, just as her father went to hit her again. She had turned into his punching bag, Jay had stormed throw the door knocking him out as she ran to pack her bags and bring all her clothes and thing she needed, not forgetting her things that she thought she needed - her anti-depression.

2 years later...

I have been living with Dan and Jays for 2 years now, they know about me having to take tablets for my depression and Jay knows I cut, they found my tablet, well Jay did and he didn't know what to do so he told Dan, I had left them in the bathroom, which was a stupid idea but at the time I was to tiered to care. But then once when I was home alone. Thing were running through my head and that’s when I picked up the blade. Jay had walking in seeing me curled up on the floor with blood dripping from my arms. He was scared at first and wanted to tell Dan but I made him promise that he wouldn't I didn't want them to think I was some weak girl. I'm not any more

"Jay give my hoodie back please! D tell him!" I shouted running down the stairs after Jay, we were meeting the other today and I needed it. "Man just give her, her hoodie and let's go! We need this money so hurry up!" Dan shouted from the kitchen. You see once we all left the UK, me and the 5 boys had made a name for ourselves, we are now in the US. We have our own gang; most of the people that knew about us are scared. We raced cars, sold drugs. However, with Shane only being 11 me and Jay stay at the house with him when the other go sells the drugs, I only race. The oldest was Ash, he was the head - only a year older than the others (20) - but then Jay, me and Dan were next in line to be the head of the gang. The youngest (Shane) at the age of 9 he had been through a lot with his parent’s alcohol addiction and leaving him without no food or drink, so Ash brought him home and he lives with Dan, Jay and me now. We have our own old abandoned ware house and on the side they had spray pained A's place in big red letters. On the other wall round the back were the first letter of everyone name: D (Dan), T (Tilly), A (Ash), J (Jay), B (Beau), S (Shane), C (Connor). Connor had joined the 4th day they were in the US he had been kicked out of his foster family's home and was sat on the street, at the age of 17 he had been through everything you could think of.

One I got my hoodie from Jay we were ready to go. I was dressed in short shorts and my hoodie that cover my wrists and arms, Jay was dressed as he normal was in sports shorts and a tank top. Dan was dressed in his jeans and a hoodie like me and Shane was in his normal baggy joggers and Spiderman top. I like racing, it’s my passion, I love feeling the wind blow around me, the adrenaline rush you get. I was the head racer only because I wasn't afraid of anything, I could go faster than any of the boys. Apart from Jay but he only races to get away from people not to win races, he hates racing for money – last time he did it wasn't a nice sight.

When we got there we saw who we were racing, they were mussel and huge looking men. As I walked up to them with the boys behind me, they all wolf whistled like they have never seen a girl before. "So which lad is driving, see you brought the prize." The one at the front said, Jay shout him a look, you know the saying 'if looks could kill' yeah that guy would be six feet under. He looked like the leader but you could never tell. "I am! and girls are not prizes they are human, sweet cheeks." I shouted looking at them all as their mouths dropped. "Which one of you is driving?" I asked looking round at these so called drivers, they were all big muscle guys that looked like they wouldn't even fit in the car let alone drive it. My boys just stood next to me with a smirk on their faces. "Close your mouth dear." I said patting his cheek and walking to the car I was racing in and hopping in the car, I could hear the boys talking, "Dude, you never said the driver was a girl, this isn't fair!" Shouted one of the guys at Jay.

"Well that just proves that you're not a big boy and that you are just a wimp that is scared of losing to a girl." Jay taunted the man. He went to punch Jay as I got out of the car, let just say I have a temper and might have knocked him out before he laid a hand on the guy I had loved since I first meet him.

The other just looked at me "You win here's the money" The leader said getting the one that I had punched and put him in the car, speeding away. "WOW T, you punch like a man on cook!" Connor shouted throwing his arm over my shoulder as we all walked to the car. We all piled into our separate cars and drove off. Me, Jay and Shane in one car and then Connor and Beau in the other with Dan on his own in front of us all. He doesn't like sharing his car with anyone.

As we got closer to the ware house I saw a man well boy that looked about the same age as me. "Shit!" I shouted as I realized who it was, it was David Smith, the dick that had left me saying 'I can't take it no more Tills, you are being picked on and your parents I can't take it' and then the next day he was one of the people that made my life hell, even though he knew what was going on at home. "T, what? Do you know him?" Shane looked at me worrying. "He was the one that left me, he was the one that started it all!" I was shaking and only Jay knew what I was on about. All of a sudden Jays had stopped the car and opened the car faster than any of us could think to react, he walked closer to where David stood. Me and the boys ran after him but as we got closer we saw Jay hit him squarer in the face.

David was knocked out for I don't know how long but we had to pull him into the ware house, which he soon sneaked out off. "T, were are you don't you want any dinner?" Beau shouted from the hall when I was in my room - we all have our own rooms in the ware house mine in in-between Dan and Jay and across from me is Shane. "No I'm good thank!" I shouted back looking down at the blade in my hand with blood dripping down again, I haven't taken my tablets today or yesterday for that matter. "Tills, you have to eat!" Jay voice said coming from right outside my door. "No I'm f-fine." my voiced croaked as Jay opened the door, I hate him seeing me like this. "Shit! T you said you stopped." Jay shouted with tears falling from his eyes when he saw me, "Jay what's going on!" Dan shouted as they all came running up to my room, looks like they are all going to find out now...

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