Lets Race

Tilly finally found a place where she felt safe and herself but what will happen when everything changes, will she go back to her old self that no one really wants or will she fight for the person that means so much to her.


2. My son

I was sat on the sofa with my wrists all bandaged and Jays arm round me like a protective boyfriend, I wish he was. Where Jays arm was round me I felt shock running throw my body, I always felt this whenever he touched me. When the boys came into my room I couldn't talk I just looked at the floor, it kind of all went in slow motion, Jay came running over to me and shouted at the rest of them to get bandages and stuff to clean the cuts. Whilst Jay was carrying me down the stairs with Shane in hysterics crying, Connor tried to calm him down, but nothing was working. Dan following right behind us down the stairs with the bandages this was not how I wanted to tell them. Now me and Jay were sat on the sofa, with me curled up to him for protection when the other went out to this party they had planned they were going to cancel it but I told them to go, but Jay being Jay didn't take no for answer and stayed with me. "You okay T?" Jay said breaking the silence.

"Yeah I just want to go to that party, I don't want to be stuck in here with my thoughts." I said standing up and getting the keys for the Lamborghini it was getting boring at the house, "Are you coming or just going to sit there and look at me like I am a ghost?" With that he stood up next to me and we walked out to the car together. The yellow Lamborghini had just been fixed and I missed this girl. She was the first car I won a race in, we won her and most of the cars we own.

Jumping into the lush seats and brings the car to life, "Jay get in the car before I go without you!" I shouted to him, as he came running out of the house with his shoes round his neck. Before he even got his seat belt on I was out and zooming down the road.

"Tilly why are you doing this?" Jay asked as we drove out of the ware house

"Because Jay I can't just sit there all I will do is think. I can't do it no more I need to be free and not stuck inside." I said as Jay just looked out of the window and silence surround us. As we got onto the motorway, I spotted a police car sitting in the lay by.

"You ready Jay?" His eyes widened when he saw the police car and motorbike sitting there.

"What are you crazy Tilly, you can't be actually doing this?" He sounded shocked like I have never done this before.

"Please we used to run away from police all the time remember, we just to have so much fun when we did it. Please let do this." I said, Jays eyes just went as big as sources.

"Yes I remember, why wouldn't I but we are different now." I just ignored him as I put my foot down going fast as we passed the police, there blue and red light came on, flashing bright.

All the other cars moved out the way as we went flinging past, "PLEASE! THEY THINK THEY CAN BEAT US!" I shouted to Jay and turned up the music loud so everyone in the house near could hear it. We turned down the road were the party was and lost the police. I turned off the car and looked at Jay who was shaking his head but had a massive smile on his face.

"Wow, okay maybe you can out run the police T." I just rolled my eyes and looked at him. He is so beautiful.

"I told you sugar tits. We've done this before" With that I got out of the car laughing.

I heard Jay shout. "You're the one with the tits sugar" winking at me as we walked over to the others. Him behind me I noticed Jay looking at my ass in my tight jeans, yeah keep looking, I rolled my eyes as we reached the boy we all walked in together.

About 3 hours into the party everyone was pissed, and stumbling around. "JAY! JAY! WHERE ARE YOU!" I shouted walking round this unknown place, then out of now where he was in front of me smiling like that cat from Alice in wonder land.

"Yes T" He slurred out. I leaned in to him, so I could whisper in his ear but as I went to do that, I fell into him making Jay arms wrap around my waist. I don't know if it was the alcohol or what but where ever he touched my skin was on fire. "Careful." He whispered into my ear sending shivers down my spine.

Okay now I was sobering up, I leaned into Jay and whispered into his ear "Jay, I want you. I always have but I didn't have the balls to -" I couldn't finish my sentence before Jay smashed his lips to mine. It got heated quickly, the next thing I knew I had my legs wrapped round his waist and back against the wall, with us just in our underwear. I could feel Jay boner on my leg, by this time we both knew what we were doing, we were both sober. Well we had to be to get all the way up 3 floors of stares.Just as Jays cold hand went to take my bra off, Dan came into the room out of breath.

"Shit! Um.... put some clothes on and we needed to go now!" Dan walked out of the room quicker than I have ever seen.

"I am sorry Jay." I said looking at the floor as he put me down.

"Hey T, it's not your fault, look at me -" He put his fingers under my chin and lifter my head up to look at him "- we can sort this out later, oh and your bra and pants are just amazing." His eyes were just running up and down my body I snapped my fingers in front of his face

"Jay, stop. Or things will get heated again and Ash will be more pissed at us. Get dressed okay?"

"Okay but one thing" He said as I bent down to get my trousers, Jay let out a grunt which made me smile.

"And what’s that?" I asked turning round to face him and he lent forward and kissed me.

Once we were both dressed we ran down stairs to see all the boys gone apart from Shane sitting bored on the sofa "About time! Ash looked pretty angry with you two, what happened?" Shane asked standing up and walking to the door. Me and Jay looked at each other and laugher, as we walked out of the door Shane was already in the car. I was about to get into the driving seat with Jay picked me up and put me in the passenger seat and took MY keys. "Are you two together or something?" The nosey person asked at the back.

"Are we?" I looked at Jay.

"Yeah we are Shane." He said look back at him, Shane just nodded

"That's cool I knew you too would, Jays always looking at your bum. Anyway T, can I borrow you head phones I don't have mine?" His head popped in-between mine and Jays.

"Sure here you go." I gave him my head phone and he popped them into his phone and ears. Looking at Shane sometimes reminds him of me, before all the stuff started up, I always had my head phones in, ignoring the world because the world is a place I didn't want to be. Well that was until I meet these guys and everything changed.

"What you thinking about?" Jay asked hold my hand, glimpsing over at me before turning his eyes to the road.

"Nothing, just worrying about him. He is so much like me. When I was that age. And you looking at my ass all the time" I said looking back at Shane who was staring out of the window, looking like he was lost in his own world. Jay hand squeezed my thigh.

"He's okay, you're okay, and we're okay. You have me now remember that. And so what if I did its mine now" Jay said winking at me. I couldn't help but let out a small giggle.

As we pulled into the ware house Dan and Ash were arguing as we pulled up Shane ran inside not wanting to hear Dan and Ash fighting "YOU!" Ash shouted pointing at Jay. "You if it wasn't for you! Shane's parents wouldn't be here right now!" Just then Shane came running out and hiding behind me and Jay.

"I am not going with them people, T they are not taking me with them" He whispered at me when I grabbed his hand, tears started to fall out of his eyes. Some might think he is to sensitive but really he is just scared.

"Ash they can't take him" I say looking at him and pulling Shane behind me.

"GIVE ME BACK MY CHILD!" This short stumpy woman came strolling out like she doesn't even care about him. All our heads turned to her. We all knew why she wanted him back, she wanted benefits.

"Fine, what’s your child's name?!" I shouted at the woman that made Shane cry.

"I know my own sons name its... Mike, yeah Mike" She said looking proud of her self and reacting out for him making him hold onto me tighter, that's it my temper just snapped

"No! His name is not Mike! Its Shane! You don't even know his name!" By this time, I was walking into the house with Shane behind me. All of a sudden this woman grabbed my wrist and I let out a scream as I felt the cut begging to open again. I pulled my arm out and ran into the house with Shane and Jay running after me. I ignore them calling for me as I run into my room, and burst into tears, searching everywhere for my blades or something.

"Tilly please let me in. Babe let me in please." I hear Jay voice through the door, it sounded like he was crying.

"Man here." I hear Ashs voice as well before the door opens to show a red eyed puffy face Jay. He ignores the mess and comes over to me and wraps his arms round my waist letting my cry into his shirt.

"Jay she is going to take him!" I whimper into his chest.

"No, she’s gone and Shane is here, she won't come back for him. Ash said if she comes back he will go to the police because of the abuse she gave him and kicking him out to live with her boyfriend when he was only 8." Jay said rubbing my back. Just then Shane came running up the stairs and pushing Jay out the way.

"T I know that you are only 19 but... but can you be my mummy?" He asked looking at me, a giant smile crossed my face.

"Yes Shane." was all I said as he hugging me. Tears falling down both our cheeks. Someone coughed from behind us, I looked up to see Jay standing over us "Come here you" I said as Jay fall onto his knees hugging me and Shane. The next thing I knew the whole gang was in my room hugging us.

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