He Changed Her

While enjoying Australia with her best friends Troian receives terrible news. Trying to deal with the bad news she walks off and meets a handsome kind stranger, Liam, they keep in touch and develop a close relationship. Troian's friends think highly of Liam at first, but then they notice slight differences in Troian's behaviour. Is Liam really that good of an influence on Troian?


7. What would you rather be?

By now, I was getting really anxious, all sorts of questions were going through my head. What should I say?  How should I greet him? Should I change into something sexier? Luckily, him wanting to hang out with me, even after everything that happened yesterday, is quite reassuring. After seeing me at my worst, crying in an ugly outfit on a bench and being a bit overdramatic, he still seems to be willing to get to know me. So, it won’t really matter how I look, worse than yesterday is impossible, I should be fine. I chuckled, why am I so worried? He is just coming to have some fun, no big deal. Come on, Troian. Don’t set your expectations too high, maybe he just thought you were nice to spend time with in a friendship kind of way. Yeah, that’s probably it. He will just see you as a friend. To spare myself the disappointment, I reassured myself that I don’t like him, not in a romantic kind of way that is. I shouldn’t want nor expect anything to happen.

Even after convincing myself that I don’t like him, I found my heart skipping a few beats once the melodic sound of our doorbell filled our house. I stood up, unable to stop the constant smile on my face, and walked towards the door. I took deep breath and reassured myself once again that he is here as a friend, nothing more. ‘Just smile,’ I thought to myself and I pushed the door handle down. While exhaling I opened the door. It took me a few seconds to really recognize him, the alcohol made my vision a bit blurry so it was doing a terrible job at focusing on his features. There he was, Nate. Nate, the nice and handsome boy who helped me yesterday. Nate. I can see him clearly now, and I, if possible, found my heart to be pounding even faster. How is it that he is so handsome? It’s unworldly!

“Heyyy,” I greeted him happily, “I’m so glad you could make it!”

Nate grinned and stepped forward, I didn’t move and thought of the many ways this greeting could go. “Well, I’m glad you invited us.” He gave me three kisses on the cheek. Okay, that’s normal, right? No big deal, right?  “Anddd,.. we brought this,”  Nate showed me a bottle of Bacardi, “thought I might help break the ice.”

I laughed,  “That’s a very welcome present.”

It’s only now that I notice the three boys behind him, each one of them handsome in their own way. Cat is going to love this. “Hey, I’m Troian,” I introduced myself, taking a step back so everybody could come in.

The first boy to walk up to me was the blond one, the guy whose phone I borrowed on the beach yesterday. “Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Owen.” He gave me three kisses on the cheek as well. You see, no big deal, it’s normal.

After Owen another boy stepped forward. “Liam,” he grabbed my hand and planted a kiss on it, “at your service.”

“You have got excellent manners, Liam.” I chuckled and Liam gave me a cheeky smile.

The last boy to walk in seemed to be a bit less out there, not shy or anything, but he was a little bit less energetic. “Hi, Troian. My name is Ethan. Thanks for inviting us!” Ethan stepped forward and gave me three kisses on the cheek, just like Nate and Owen.

I closed the door and said, “No problem! Let’s go in, I’ll introduce you guys to the other girls.”

As I turned around I heard Liam whisper, “I hope they are single.”

With a chuckle I opened the door to find Cat twerking in the kitchen. She stopped just in time for the boys to miss her little performance. I laughed at her shocked face. “Nice, Cat!” I exclaimed. Her cheeks turned bright red.

The last person I introduced was Eva. I shot a glance at Liam while announcing who she was, “That’s Eva. Eva is really pretty and nice, I know, but she has a boyfriend, sorry guys.”

Eva laughed, “Thank you for that kind introduction Troian.”. I grinned and we all took place at the table.

Thank god we were already a bit drunk when the boys arrive, who knows how awkward it would’ve been if we had been sober. Oh man, I am so glad that we skipped that part of the new friends making process. We immediately started talking in little, random groups and have been doing so for over an hour. Sadly, I hadn’t gotten the chance to talk to Nate yet, as I have been talking to Ethan for quite some time now. He had seem really nice and funny, but he didn’t really strike me as the type that would easily walk up to someone and befriend them. That’s why I started talking to him, I tried to make him feel more at ease. I’m glad that I did, because he is really, really nice, we laughed so hard together, it’s silly.

I don’t know if I’m crazy or if I am just seeing things I want to see, but I sometimes I think Nate shoots jealous looks in our direction, as if he is afraid that something will happen between me and Ethan. But again, maybe I’m just seeing things I want to see. After all, why would he be jealous?

“Soo, what shall we do next?” Owen said, with a little lisps. He had been talking to Liv the entire evening and seemed to be getting really drunk from all the drinks she poured him.

“Shall we go out?” Liam suggested, “It’s almost a quarter to one, so in about half an hour the clubs will get turned.”

The very drunk Owen clapped his hands,  “Yes! Let’s do that.”

I chuckled and decided to go and get myself another glass of wine and a glass of water as well. If only wine wouldn’t give me an headache the day after, life would be perfect. As I walked over to the kitchen, I felt really cheery. This is such an amazing evening already.

Our kitchen is really big and has a very high ceiling, so all of our cupboards are really high. Even I, and I am tall believe me, have to stand on my tiptoes if I want to grab a glass or something. Reaching for the glass I thought about how I should approach Nate later on, without making a fool out of myself.

“Do you need some help?” Nate voice sounded behind me. He laughed when he saw me jump a little and almost drop my glass. “Are you scared of me? That’s not good.”

“You surprised me.” I admitted as I turned around, only to find him standing less than 3 feet away. I gasped, “Are you having fun?” I leaned against the counter.

He grinned, “Having a blast! And you? You’ve been talking to Ethan the entire night, haven’t you?”

I’m starting to think I didn’t imagine the jealous looks he gave me all night after all, he does really sounds a bit jealous.. To tease him I said, “What, are you a bit jealous, Nate?” I was eager to see how he would respond, but he just looked at me, a smile on his lips. Trying to get him to answer me I continued, “Do you think I’m not doing a good enough job at diving my attention properly?”

He laughed, “I think you could use a little more practice on that indeed,” Nate took a step in my direction, reducing the distance between us even more by doing so, “seeing as I, and only I, am the one who saved you yesterday, aren’t I?”

“Hmm, that’s true, maybe you deserve a little bit more attention indeed.”

He bit his lip and took yet another step towards me, “So tell me, are you having fun this lovely evening?”

“I certainly am, especially earlier on, when I was talking to Ethan. That was fun.” I gave him a defiant look. “Really fun, to be completely honest.”

He smiled and turned his face for a second, when he turned back he breathed, close to my ears, “I see.. would you like for me to leave and go get him? So you two can talk some more?”

I don’t want him to leave, not at all. I knew he was joking and teasing me, just like I was teasing him. But the only thing I could think of, was his face being really close to my face. I could even smell his aftershave, a fresh scent, like morning dawn. “Yeah, if you could, please.” I put my right hand on his chest. “That would be very kind of you,” I paused and looked him in the eyes, “helping your new friend out.” I put stress on the word friend, opening my lips a little bit after the last word.

“Autch, friend?” He laughed softly and with a raw voice he said, “That hurts.”

“What would you rather be?” I breathed, tilting my head a little.

Without answering my question he closed the small gap left between our heads. His lips felt warm and soft as he pressed them against mine. He pulled back and his bright blue eyes looked into mine. Ugh, he’s so prefect. This time I was the one to go in for the kiss. I put my arms around his neck and pulled his face back to me. I smiled, feeling his smooth lips again. His arms lifted me up from the ground and put me down on the counter, he stood between my legs and he moved his one hand to my leg, the other one he rested on my face. I opened my mouth. He gently entered my mouth and started to make little circles with his tongue.

Then the door opened. Nate quickly pulled back and turned around. Owen’s head popped around the corner, he looked at us, too drunk to even realize what he just saw. “We are heading out, are you guys coming?”

Nate cleared his throat, “We’ll be out in a sec.” Owen nodded and disappeared.

I was holding my breath the whole time while Owen was here and let out a big exhale. “Oh, my, god.” I couldn’t stop laughing. “He didn’t even notice.”

Nate laughed as well and shot me a tender glance. He stepped forward, positioning himself between my legs once again and planted a soft kiss on my lips. “Let’s go.” His arms lifted me off the counter. 

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