He Changed Her

While enjoying Australia with her best friends Troian receives terrible news. Trying to deal with the bad news she walks off and meets a handsome kind stranger, Liam, they keep in touch and develop a close relationship. Troian's friends think highly of Liam at first, but then they notice slight differences in Troian's behaviour. Is Liam really that good of an influence on Troian?


2. I'm fine

Maybe I should go back to the villa. I am feeling a bit hungry and I know my friends are probably worried for me since I took off without telling them, but if I go there I have to explain what happened and why. How could I explain something I haven't even really processed myself quite yet?

"Hey, yeah sorry. I know I shouldn't have took off without a warning, but my father called to tell me that my mother left our family because of me. So yeah they are getting a divorce and it's kinda, well totally my fault.."

Well guess what, that's not going to happen. I could already picture their faces. Full of disgust. They all like my mother very much and they would be pissed at me, or at least disappointed, for fighting with her that much. To be completely honest, I don't know why we fight that much either. It just, with every, every, every word she says, my skin crawls. I know that's a terrible thing to say, but it's the truth. I can't stand that woman.

I sat down on the hard sand with my feet in the sea. My bottom was just an inch away from the water, just far enough to not get wet. I have no idea what time it is, but I think it's around 10:30 PM now, so that means I walked away 6 and a half hours ago. The least I could do is tell my friends that I won't be coming back. That I can't come back. No, why should I do that? They don't care, why would they? I mentally slapped myself. Of course they care, don't be so dramatic. Just do it Troian, call them.

I looked around and saw 2 people walk past me, two guys. I quickly got up and tapped one of their shoulders, not afraid of what they would say or do.

"Hey." A brown haired boy said giving me a total body scan. "What's up."

I coughed "Could I borrow your cell phone so I can call my friends?"

"Of course." The blond one nodded, handing me his iPhone. Another rich boy with the latest iPhone, how typical, just like the boy from the bench. I quickly thanked him and stepped a few meters away. I looked at the background, a picture of him and a gorgeous girl, probably his girlfriend. They look really good together.

I opened the call app, I typed the numbers and doubted for a second before pressing the green call button. Come on Troian, just call them. Within 10 seconds Eva picked up the phone. "Hello? Who is this? Is this Troian?" She rattled.

"Yeah." I said with a soft small voice.

I could hear Eva yell for the others while covering the microphone of her phone. "Babe!! I'm so glad to hear from you, where are you? We've been looking everywhere for you, why did you leave?"

All these questions, this was exactly the reason why I didn't call earlier. "Look Eva, I'm not in the mood for answering your questions, sorry. I just wanted to let you know I'm fine. I'm gonna give the phone back to the boy I borrowed it from, so don't call it again please." I waited a short while and said. "Tell my dad and Jolie that I love them no matter what, but that they have to get mom to come back because I won't be coming back. I can't do that to them." I felt tears swell up in my eyes and ended the call.

I walked back to the boys and saw there were 3 of them now. I tapped the shoulder of the blond one. "Thank you." I handed his phone and walked away.

Something about the third boy was familiar, though I'm not sure what. His hair maybe? I shrugged and walked away. Everybody has that hairstyle lately. My stomach grumbled, it's high time I get myself some food. I gasped, it suddenly occurred to me that to get food I have to have money. I quickly checked my pockets to see if by any chance I took some with me. Thank god, in my left pocket I found 7 dollars. Guess I'm not starving to death after all.

I was about to leave the beach when someone grabbed my arm and turned me around. I jumped a little and almost hit the person who grabbed me when I saw who it was.

"Hey, Troian." He was breathing heavily. "You are a fast walker."

Now I know where I recognized the third person from. It was the bench boy. I nodded and gave him a weak smile.

"Why are you still at the beach?" He asked catching his breath. "Have you even eaten yet?"

"Yes." I lied.

"I can see that you are lying. I'm not stupid. Here, come with me, I know a good restaurant." He grabbed my hand and tried to pull me along but I refused.

"Look you are really nice and all, but I don't really feel like socializing right now, sorry. Please leave me alone." I sighed and walked away leaving him behind, again.   

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