He Changed Her

While enjoying Australia with her best friends Troian receives terrible news. Trying to deal with the bad news she walks off and meets a handsome kind stranger, Liam, they keep in touch and develop a close relationship. Troian's friends think highly of Liam at first, but then they notice slight differences in Troian's behaviour. Is Liam really that good of an influence on Troian?


5. If he texts me..

The wolves are coming at me, I can’t quite estimate the distance left between us, but I know that I am screwed. I have to go, I have to run, as fast as I can. When I try to turn around I find my feet to be glued to the ground. I can’t seem to escape, no matter how hard I try. The wolves are just inches away from me now. I let out a cry as I see them jump towards me with open jaws, they caught their dinner.

My eyes snapped open, my entire body was tensed and sticky from sweat. It was just a dream. Why is it, that every single time that I drink, I dream badly that night? I glanced at the clock on the wall. “Shit”, I mumbled out loud, it’s just 9 AM. With a sigh I closed my eyes again. I waited until I found the perfect position, all curled up in bed, my head perfectly positioned between two pillows. Now, let’s see if I can get some more sleep. It took me one second after closing my eyes to noticed how thirsty I was, my mouth felt like a sahara  After trying really hard to ignore my thirst for 5 minutes, I gave up. I. Need. Water.


Once I dragged myself to the bathroom I drank 4 cups of water, bringing a fifth one with me back to my room. Before I even reached the stairs the fifth cup was empty, I turned around and got me a sixth one. This one did make it all the way up the stairs, it didn’t reach my bedroom though, sadly. “I should’ve gotten an aspirin as well”, I moaned.


As I went around the corner, appreciating I was just 2 meters away from my bedroom, I bumped into Liv. “So, how are you doing today?” Liv sighed.


I smiled, “Hungover, you?”


“On my way to my new best friend, aspirin, is that a good enough answer?”


I chuckled, “I think I know exactly how you feel.”


We heard a door open and saw Eva stepping out into the corridor. “Heyy, are we having a house meeting in the hallway then?” she joked.


“We were just going to get some water and aspirins,” Liv corrected.


Eva frowned and looked at me, “You too, Troi?” I nodded. “I didn’t know you drank last night,” she said worriedly.


“Eva, relax. It was just a couple of glasses,” Liv assured her, “nothing to worry about.”


I quickly changed the subject, “Seeing as we are all up anyways, shall I go and get us some breakfast? You can set the table and when you guys are done I’ll be there bearing delicious breakfast.” The girls nodded. “Great! I’ll be right back.” After that I rushed to my room and put on a white swing dress. Gosh I love wide clothing! It’s not like I have to be ashamed of my body, it’s pretty normal, skinny but not too skinny. I just really like air being able to breath through my clothes, if that makes any sense. I quickly combed my hair, put a sunglass on my head, got my wallet and walked downstairs.


Just as I opened the door I heard Cat scream, “Don’t run off again, ha! We don’t want to starve waiting for you to return with our breakfast.” I chuckled and then left.


As I was walking on the pavement a sad feeling came over me, the boy still hasn’t texted me. Oh come on, Troian. Just wrap your head around the fact you aren’t going to see him again. I couldn’t help but think about that Instagram post I saw a while ago: ‘Ever just think about all those strangers that passed you by on the street you fell in love with, but never saw again?’ That’s kind of similar to my situation I guess. I looked up and saw I had arrived at the bakery.


The second I opened the door an amazing smell greeted me, “Good morning,” I smiled happily at the baker.


“Good day, lovely lady. What can I get you this fine morning?” He seemed to be in an excellent mood.


I looked at the pastries and other fine things laying in the back. “I would like 8 of those little white bread like thingies and 4 small apple pies, they smell fantastic!” He nodded and started to pack my order. Waiting for him to finish I looked around in the store, as I was glancing out of the windows I saw 3 boys driving by in a blue pick up. I immediately recognized the driver, it was the stranger who had helped me yesterday. My heart skipped a few beats and I followed them with my eyes until they turned left at the roundabound. Jeesh, he seems to look extra handsome today.


“Miss, your order is ready,” the backed called behind me, he reached out and gave me two paper bags, “I put in some extras, as I thought you might like it.”


“Thank you, sir! How much do I owe you?”


“Nothing,” he winked, “it’s on the house.”


I smiled, a little creeped out by his kind but strange gesture, thanked him again and then went back home.


The rest of the day was pretty normal, we hung at the beach for some time and went shopping for a bit. Liv came up to me at the end of the afternoon to ask if the boy had texted me yet, but I sadly had to tell her that I didn’t receive anything.  I reminded her (and myself) that he probably had forgotten all about me already.


“Shall we go out tonight?” Cat suggested.


“I don’t know,”  I sighed, “we could just throw a little house party for the four of us?”


Eva nodded, “Sounds good to me, and if we really want to, we could always just hit the clubs later on?”


We all agreed that would be the plan and split up. Liv and I would pay a visit to the liquor shop and Eva and Cat would buy groceries for dinner.


“So, if your stranger texts you, you are going to invite him to our little party, okay? I’m not debating you on this,” Liv winked.

I laughed, “If, he texts me, I will.”

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