Abused Mute

A girl named Alina gets abused at home from her dad. She never lets it get in the way for he school life though. She's not just abused she is also a mute. Will Calum Hood save her? Read to find out more.



k I have great news! I got everything back to the way it's suppose to be. And school is fine so I decided to continue writing the book. I'm sorry for the long wait but I had to get everything to normal after things happened. I will try to post as much as I can. I hope you guys continue to read the bock and like it. Im also sorry if there is spelling errors or punctuation errors. My computer broke and I have to write on my phone till it's fixed. Thank your for the support and I love to read ur guys comments. If u guys have something you want me to add during the story put it in the comments.

Love ya guys


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