Abused Mute

A girl named Alina gets abused at home from her dad. She never lets it get in the way for he school life though. She's not just abused she is also a mute. Will Calum Hood save her? Read to find out more.


4. Chapter 4.

Alina's POV

I fucking hate Mrs.Mertz. I hate math. It's fucking stupid. Like why. I know I'm going to need it now because I can't Singh or read lines so I can't be a singer or actress. It fucking sucks. My career choice now is a fashion designer. If I can't do that I will be a lawyer. Or maybe even go into ufc. I won't need math. But I will leave my fighting for illegal stuff. So I'm not going to be a lawyer either.

I think to much.

I was the only one left in school so I was going to head home and get ready for my fight. But I had to stop because I heard talking.

Me being curious had to hear what they were saying. And who was saying it.

I put my head out the corner just so I can see them but they can't see me. You would never guess what I saw.

My so called 'friends' were talking to the bitch herself. Ellie. We all 'hated' her. But I guess it was just me.

"So do you guys think she believes you?" The bitch asked my 'friends'.

"She thinks we care for her and want to be there for her. She's so ugly and desperate. Like she needs to get a fucking life." They all start laughing.

"Well the fucking mute just wants attention so fuck her. I knew she was always jealous of me so like she can suck a dick. But I bet she already is doing that right now." Once again they start laughing. No one can talk about me like that. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" They all Stare at me from shock. Heck I was shocked. I haven't talked in 10 years. " Alina what's wrong why are you talking?" Davina asks me.

" Don't fucking act like you care about me. You guys are all assholes. You can fucking burn in hell."

I ran down the hall out of school and into the parking lot. I don't even bother getting into my fighting clothes and head to the underground fight club.

I got in and got warmed up to fight. I was going against a girl taller then me and she was talking shit. But if she knew me. She would know when I'm mad my fighting gets better by ten. She would be done in 5 seconds.

We got told to go in the corners of the ring.

" you know the rules. Lenny are you ready?" The referee talked. "Yes" I hissed. The whole club got quite because I talked and they all thought I could never talk. " can we fucking start the match already?" I yelled. "Uhh umm yeah. Pixie are you ready?" The ref stuttered. " you know it" she was not ready for what was about to happen. " ok FIGHT!!" It didn't even take me a second to pounce on her and punch her. She was knocked out in 4 seconds. Told ya. " THE WINNER IS UD LENNY. ONCE AGAIN." I got out the ring before he could talk more and got my money and went to my house. I wants tired yet so I rolled a joint up and smoked it. It was really relaxing. I have to pick more up tomorrow before school. I guess I will go back to being the heartless badass of the school. Not caring about rules doing pranks again and most of all sleeping around. With that I went and took a shower and went to bed thinking of what prank I should do next.

Hope you guys liked it. Love you and thx for reading!!

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