Abused Mute

A girl named Alina gets abused at home from her dad. She never lets it get in the way for he school life though. She's not just abused she is also a mute. Will Calum Hood save her? Read to find out more.


3. chapter 3.

Alina's POV

The school day was like any other normal day in hell. But I tried to find out who that boy was and I got nothing. I wasn't going to go home right now because me, Davina, Jasmine and Jasmine's boyfriend, Charlie are going to the mall. I may have a messed up life at home but I like going out and doing stuff and forgetting about him.

Davina and Jasmine both know about my father. Jasmine told me she told Charlie. But he promised that he wouldn't tell anyone. Jasmine said the next time I come to school bruised and limping, she will go to the police.

I try and make her think that he does it for a good reason but she never listens.

We just went to different stores and then we went to the food court to take a break or just eat before we go.

We all got our food on our own then went to a table together.

I got Nandos and so did Jasmine. While Davina had Panda Express and Charlie had Maccas. We all knew sign language so we didn't have to go threw trouble with someone not knowing what someone else was saying.

So Alina, has he gotten better or the same or worse? Davina asked.

Can we not talk about this. I stated angrily. I mean they all know it's a tough subject.

We just wanna help u. You don't have to get angry with Davina. Me and Charlie wanted this to go better but, Alina I called the cops on him when we were at school. I couldn't stand u getting hurt anymore. We couldn't. You don't even have to go threw foster care. You are a legal adult.

I couldn't believe I was actually free of him. I know I told them not to do anything but I'm happy that I can actually do things now and not get hurt for it. I looked up and they were all looking at me. I got up and gave them a hug. I'm glad I have them with me.

When we were getting out of the hug I saw the boy from the bleachers in the table behind us with a dude with blue hair.

I have to go but thanks for everything guys. We can meet up before school tomorrow or something. Love you guys. Bye.

After saying bye to each other I went to the boys table. I really wanted to know who he was.

Hi are you the guy who I ran into by the school bleachers?

" yeah. My name is Calum Hood. I never got to properly introduce myself." So that's his name. It's cute and fits him. Well my name is Alina Avina. I just wanted to say hi.

Oh my god I can not even talk to him. I mean I never get nervous with guys.

" are you ok?" The blue head dude asked. I really need to know his name.

Yeah I'm fine. Just thinking.

" cool. I don't mean to be picky but why don't u just talk?" Blue questions.

I'm mute

" oh sorry I asked. But I never introduced myself. The names Clifford. Michael Clifford."

I laughed at how he tried to do it like James Bond.

Well it was nice chatting but I have to go. Nice meeting you and all. See you tomorrow at school I guess.

They said goodbye and I got on my bike on my way home. To think I live by myself now. I should try and clean the house up and stock up the weekend. When I got home I just got a shower and ate a peanut butter Nutella Sandwich and went to bed.

Hopefully my life can get more better. I'm glad I am here right now.

I'm so sorry for not updating for a while guys. I have had a busy schedule. But I can guarantee you guys there will be more updates coming. Sorry if it's bad I did this in a hurry and on my phone because my laptop broke. Luv you guys and thx for reading. See ya next time. U^ェ^U

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