Abused Mute

A girl named Alina gets abused at home from her dad. She never lets it get in the way for he school life though. She's not just abused she is also a mute. Will Calum Hood save her? Read to find out more.


2. Chapter 2.

Alina's POV

My alarm went off at 5:00 am. I did my morning routine. Took a shower, brushed my hair, brushed my teeth, picked my outfit, did my makeup, and packed my school bag. Today I was wearing a shirt that said 2 FABULOUS, red and black flannel around my waste, black high wasted skinny jeans, and all black converse. I got out of the house at 7:10. School starts at 7:40. I go early yo hangout with my bitch. Jk, I just want to go hangout with my friend Davina. She's the only one that knows every thing.

I forgot to mention but I do smoke and not just cigarettes. I also smoke weed. I am known at school for being a goody too shoes. But hey good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught. I am popular at school so I don't want to get put in the lower group with the nose pickers.

You might be wondering how I talk to people since I am mute. I know sign language or I just text the person if I have their phone number or I write on a white board. I just got off school so I turned my bike off.  Davina was waiting by the school doors. I ran up to her and I scared her. She know sign language too so I didn't have to text her.

Can we catch up later, I need to go do something real quick? I asked in sign language. ( when ever words are in parenthesis it means it's sign language) 

Sure, later? Davina asked.


I didn't have to go anywhere I was just really in the mode for a cigarette. I would have a blunt right now but it's school hours and I can get caught. 

I went to where no one goes and only me. I sat down and listened to my music playlist. I lit a cigarette and started smoking. I thought of how my life use to be normal then went down hill. 

I went from singing, not killing any bug, yelling at people for smoking because it can kill them to being out going, fighting, mute and smoking. Oh and getting abused. By the time I finished thinking I was done with my cigarette. 

I was getting up and putting my cigarettes in my bag and walking away from being under the bleachers. When I was walking I ran into someone and my cigarettes fell onto the ground. 

Fuck, I am sorry  I gestured. 

The boy looked at me weird. Great he doesn't know sign language. 

I grabbed my cigarettes off the ground and put them in my bag. I was grabbing my white board out of my bag when the guy said something.

" Why does a pretty girl like you smoke? Don't you know it kills you?" He had such an amazing I looked up and realized how hot he was. I mean damnnn.....

" Hello are you okay" he asked waving his hand in my face.

(bold means it's getting written on a white board.) 

Yeah just thinking but I have cigarettes because I can and I know they can kill me.  

He looked at me shocked. I guess he thought I was going to play the dumb bimbo card. Nope.

Well I got to go but you can NOT I repeat NOT tell anyone that I smoke. Ok?

He just nodded. I then started walking to school. Time for hell.



okay so sorry this is short but my school work is really holding me down. I will update every other day. But every other weekend I wont update because I go back and forth with my mum and dad. But Thanks for reading this book and I hope you guys like it. Oh and by the way I thought that you can just put whoever you want for Alina and other people coming up parts. But the boys stay the same. Luv Ya


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