This is me

Just the things I write when idea's and thoughts pop into my head.


2. 2. Bambi



Signature white hair, light pearly skin and always a hint of pink on her cheeks from the kisses the sun so gladly shared with her. She was like the winter nights in December when the snow had just fell, untouched. She carried the universe in her eyes, the color of the moon reflecting in the frozen lake with glimpses of the stars twinkling back whenever she looked at you.  When she spoke the whole sky laid still to listen, her heart shaped pink lips always formed the most thoughtful words, her big heart was always present.

Adored by many and hated by others, but clever she was. She used to study in the park – that’s where I last saw her. Crossed legs and her curly hair falling down like a waterfall as she buried her head in a book. She was wonderfully accessorized with the red and yellow leaves falling around her.

Bambi is what we call her now. She died like a deer in headlights.

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