The special girl

The story is about a girl. She thinks she's normal but she has some powers she doesn't know about. She meets a new guy who protect her and she somehow comes to a new world where something waits for her. She gets in danger and needs to safe that world --read it here

Sorry, I've only made 4 chapters so far but I'll try to write more as fast as possible!


2. chapter 2

I opened my eyes slowly. I looked around and saw some white walls. I saw that I was in my room. I don't remember that I was at home. Hm, I wonder if dad found me. ~thought Bell~ I got out of bed and switched to different clothes, and then I went into the kitchen. I saw my dad, making breakfast. He looked at me.

"Good morning Bell, did you sleep well?" He said, like nothing had happened yesterday.

"Good morning." I answered. I sat on the chair and waited for him to finish making breakfast. He gave me a plate with eggs and bacon and with some bread with butter on.

"Eggs and bacon? I only get that in the weekends, so why do I get it now?"

"Because I want to apologise for yesterday." He took the chair out of the table and sat on it.

"I said some things that I shouldn't have said and I'm really sorry. I was completely in shock when you had run away that I just sat at home and waited for you." He looked down at the table. Sat just at home? Then it wasn't dad who found me, who could it be? ~thought bell~

" I was completely panicked when you still haven't come home after an hour. But then the bell was ringing and I opened the door and a young boy had you in his arms. I got more nervous because your eyes was closed. I was so happy that he said that you just were sleeping." He looked me in the eye with a little smile.

"Wait, you said boy do you know his name?"

"Ehh, I think it was Peter." I got surprised. Peter? Well it was good that it was him and not a stranger. But wait, where does he know where I live and where I was?

"Oh god look at the time! You have 15 minutes to get ready!" I looked at the clock. I hurried eating my breakfast and ran into my room to pack my bag.

" oh shit, I've to hurry!" I ran out to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and took some mascara on. I took my bag and ran out of the front door.

"See you later!"

"Yes, oh wait you forgot your lunch!" I didn't hear him. I ran as fast as I could.

" just around this corner and then I'm almost there." I got around the corner and walked fast. I just made it before the bell rang. I sat down on my chair and relaxed.

" why are you so late?" Maria asked.

"It's because my dad wanted to talk to me and we forgot the time."

"Please everyone, take a seat." Everyone sat down on their chair and listened to the teacher.

"Like I said yesterday, we will get a new boy in this class. So take good care of him." All looked exited and talked with small voices.

"You can come in now." Everyone looked over at the door where the boy came in. I could hear some of the other girls voices

"Wow, he's hot and cute!" When I looked closer at him I got surprised.

"What the hell?!" I said out loud so everyone was looking at me. The boy got his eyes on me and smiled.

"Hello, I'm Peter nice to meet you all."

"Peter? What are you doing here?!"

" Bell, that's now how you talk to a new student." Said the teacher.

" I've to be in this class. All in the class stared at me and Peter. The girls had an angry face. I looked around and sat lower in my chair.

"Peter, please take a seat." Peter found a seat and I looked down at the table.

The time was 12:00 pm and there was lunch. I took my books down in my bag and looked after my lunch.

"Oh no, I forgot my lunch." Maria came over to me.

"Are you ready to go down to the cafeteria?"

"Yes but I forgot my lunch. You don't have 3 dollars I can borrow?"

"No I don't, I'm sorry."

"Okay, let's just go down in the cafeteria I'm not that hungry anyway." After that, my stomach rumble. Maria looked at me with a bit funny face.

"You can have 3 dollars from me." Came a voice behind me. I turned around and saw it was Peter.

"Peter? No it's fine I'm not that hungry." He looked at me, knowing that I lied.

"Just take them, I know you're hungry." I looked a bit in his light blue eye colours. I took the money and said thanks. Maria and I walked down to the cafeteria.

"He's super cute to give you 3 dollars! But wait do you know him? Because when he got into the class you yelled his name."

"No I don't quite know him. We bumped into each other because I wasn't looking where I was going."

"Ooh so that's why you kinda know him." We walked over where you can get some food, and I bought some. I wonder why he started at our school and in our class too. And I still don't know how he knows where I live. Maybe I should ask him. ~thought Bell~ we sat down at the table and began to eat.

"Hey look behind you, Peter is staring at you." Maria said with a small voice. I looked back and saw that he did.

"What's his problem?"

"Maybe he like you! I mean you have the most beautiful green eyes, the sweetest smile and the most beautiful golden hair. Actually I have never seen such a golden hair before." I smiled and didn't know what to say. When we finished lunch we walked to the class even so there's still 20 minutes to the class starts. There was no one, only me and Maria.

"Hm, that's weird. there's always one here. Oh well." I said.

"I'll be back I a minute, I've to go use the toilet."

"Oh okay, take your time." Maria walked away and I was alone. Some people was coming in my direction. It was 3 girls from the class.

"Hey!" Yelled one of them. They pushed me up at the wall.

"Well well well, so you know Peter. Are you two good friends or something?!" They looked angry.

"Eh, n-no I don't quite know him, we just bumped into each other yesterday that's all." The girls looked sneaky on each other.

"So you aren't good friends? Well that's good to hear but listen! Down think for a second you can have all the boys for yourself. The boys are for us no one else! Do you understand?!"

"No I don't." The girls was surprised that I said that.

"Boys aren't toys, they are humans like all of us. Everyone decides for themselves who they want to be with." The girls was more angry and hit me hard on the nose. I hold my hand on my nose and the blood ran out. I sat down on the floor.

"Do you want some more punch huh?!" The girls almost kicked me in the stomach when someone came.

"Hey! What do you guys think you're doing? Let her be!" The girls looked at the person and I did the same.

"P-Peter? We were just having fun that's all, it's not that w-"

"Get away from her and let her be." The girls was angry and then walked away.

"Are you okay?"he gave me his hand. I took it.

"Yeah I'm okay, it doesn't hurt that much." When I got up, I ripped over my own leg. When I almost hit the ground, Peter ok his arms around me and one of his hands in mine. We stood there for a while. I looked him in the eye and blushed a bit. The blood was slowly running out of my nose.

"I've to stop the nosebleed." I walked down to the toilet and Peter walked beside me. Maybe I got the chance now to ask him ~thought Bell~ I looked at him and he looked at me.

"Hold your head back so it will stop the nose to bleed in your hand and on the floor. And if you're afraid of walking into something you don't have to. I'll make sure you won't." He took his hand and raised my head up so I looked at the ceiling. Maria stood still at the toilet.

"What happened Bell?!" She hurried over to me.

"Some girls punched her in the face." Answered Peter.

"Oh, I'll help her from here thanks." Peter smiled and walked away.

"You have to take better care of yourself. I don't want you to get hurt." Said Peter. Argh, I didn't get the change to ask him ~thought bell~ Maria helped me with my nosebleed.

"Those girls always have to do something to you and you haven't done anything to them. It annoys me!" I nodded and hold some paper in my nose. Later we saw the tapes her walk by and we followed him into our class. I sat down on the chair and looked out of the window. Why do people have a problem with me? What have I ever done to them? ~thought bell~ I still looked out of the window and saw the wind in the trees...

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