The special girl

The story is about a girl. She thinks she's normal but she has some powers she doesn't know about. She meets a new guy who protect her and she somehow comes to a new world where something waits for her. She gets in danger and needs to safe that world --read it here

Sorry, I've only made 4 chapters so far but I'll try to write more as fast as possible!


1. chapter 1

I looked out of the window. The sun was shining and it was pretty hot.

Nothing exciting happens in my life. Everything is like the usual and I hate it.


Or hate or hate, I would not call it that


Actually I'm pretty happy about my life, I have some pretty good friends.

Bell! I stopped my thoughts and looked in front of me where I could see the teacher.

"Finally, I got your attention! Is it really that boring to be in my classes?! If so then I think you should go! I only want to teach those who want to learn something!" The teacher yelled. Everyone was looking at me and I got a bit nervous.

"Eh, sorry it won't happen again."

"I hope so young lady!" He stared at me for some seconds and then he walked up to the blackboard and continued teaching. I took my notebook out and wrote down what the teacher wrote on the blackboard.

The clock was ringing and the school was over.

"Wait a minute, I have to say something important to you." Everyone sat down and listened.

"Right now we are in June and that means we are going on a school camp. The school camp are going to be in the last week in June so you have a lot of time to prepare yourselves." There was a little boy who asked the teacher a question.

" where are the school camp going to be?" Everyone began to make some noise.

"Quiet everyone!" Everyone stopped and was quiet and looked at the teacher.

"Good question, the school camp are going to be in Miami." Everyone looked at each other and was very happy, I was too.

Fantastic! Finally I can get out of this country! ~thought Bell~ I walked over to my best friend Maria.

"are you not happy that we have the chance to get out of this country and see the world?"

"Yes of course! And I'm very happy because I'm with you!" She had a big smile on her face. I got a little surprised that she said that. I smiled back.

"Shh, quiet everyone I'm not done talking." Everyone stopped talking and listened.

" we will have a new student tomorrow, be nice to him because he's not from this area." Are we really going to have a new student? Wait did he say 'him'? So we will get a new boy in this class, is there not enough boys in this class already? ~thought Bell~

" omg! A new boy, everything keeps getting better and better don't you think?" Maria asked.

"Yes but is there not enough boys in this class? I mean there's only 9 girls and 12 boys.

"does it matter or, what?" She gave me a laced smile and poked a little on the side.

"Y-yes but I just want some more girls in this class." Maria giggles. The teacher gave us permission to go home. When Maria and I was walking home, was I in my own thoughts. Maria talked to me but I was not listening. Boy, why a boy? I can't be close to boys.. I get all nervous and begins to say stupid things. I just hope this boy is different from all the others. Almost all boys are the same and that annoys me a little.~thought Bell~

"Are you even listening?" Came a voice suddenly.

"What?" I looked at Maria, she did not look very happy like she did when we got off from school.

"You have to stop daydreaming all the time. People think that you're listening to them."

" I'm sorry, I do not know why but at the moment I'm daydreaming and I forget the reality." Maria looked at me.

"It's okay, as longs as it won't get you in trouble or is something serious then I think it's okay once in a while."

"No don't worry, it won't happen as long as you're by my side." We smiled to each other and began to walk again.

"Well see yah tomorrow Bell, be careful on your way home."

" I will and you too, see yah." I gave her a hug and then we walked our own ways. When I walked there on my own I looked up at the sky. It was blue mixed with a bit red and orange. When I looked at the sky I couldn't see the person in front of me and we bumped into each other.

"Ouch!" Came it from both of us. I fell down the the ground. I took my hand on my head where it hurts and the person did the same. When I looked at the person I saw it was a boy.

Oh god not now. Why a boy?! ~thought Bell~

"Are you okay?" He asked carefully.

"Y-yeah I'm okay, what about you?" He looked at me with a smile.

"Yeah I'm fine it was nothing." He walked over to me. He gave me his hand to help me stand up. I looked at him then I took his hand. It was soft and warm. When I got up on my feet, we were about equal to each other. I saw him in the eyes, he had the most beautiful light blue eye colour. His hair was brown and looked perfect. He had the most sweetest smile. I blushed a bit.

" I hope you're okay, it was not my intention to go into you."

" it was not your fault, I was not looking were I was going so I'm sorry." I said. We stood there for a bit without saying anything until he said something.

" well I think I've to go but first I want to know your name."

"Why do you want to know my name?"

"Because I want to know what such a beautiful girl is called." I blushed a bit more.

"M-my name is Maria no wait not Maria, my name is Isabel no wait Bell!" I blushed even more. He began to laugh.

"Haha okay, hey Bell nice to meet you. My name is Peter." He stretched out his hand. Peter? Sweet name. ~thought Bell~

"Hi Peter." I shook his hand and smiled.

" well I've to go now, I hope that we will meet again."

"M-me too. Goodbye." He walked away and I did the same. He was sweet. I don't think that every boy are the same. ~thought Bell~

I opened the front door to my house and walked inside.

"I'm home!"

"It was about time for you to come home. There's something I need to talk with you about." Talk about something with me? Dad doesn't usually say that. I sat down at the table and looked at my dad.

" I got a mail where it says that you don't concentrate in class and always look out at the window and that you're not listening to what the teacher are saying." I looked down at the table.

"Listen, I know it's hard for you when mom's not around but even if she's dead you don't have to stop concentrate and stop learning."

" but dad, it's not because mom is dead, it's just so boring and I don't even like the teac-"

"Stop right there. I know it's hard for you also with the girls in your class and in the neighbourhood, but you still have to look after your school, if you don't, then you can't come with the class to the school camp or is allowed to see Maria again, only during school hours and I will come and pick you up every day. " I got angry and ran out of the door.

"Bell? Come back now!" I didn't listen to him and ran away.

It's not fair. He can't do this to me. I hate my father, I hate school, I hate all people! But not Maria... I just want to disappear from this stupid world! ~thought Bell~ I ran until I couldn't more. I found a small corner and sat down.

"Why does everyone hate me? I wish that you still was here mom, you knew what to do. You always cheered me up and made me laugh when Was sad. Why did you have to die??!" I laid my head on my knees and hands and began to cry.

It was beginning to get dark and I was still sitting in the small corner. My eyes were closed and I breath deeply.

"Hey, look over there. There's s little girl." It was some big boys who was near me. I had fallen asleep and I didn't wake up.

"Should we take her home with us? And torture her to give us all her family's money." The big boys walked closer to me, and nearly touched me when a voice appeared.

"Don't touch that girl." The boys looked in the direction where the voice came from.

"Why do we have to listen to a little boy like you?" They walked away from me.

"Because I say so. I don't want you to lay a finger on her." The big boys looked at each other and laughed, but they didn't finish laughing because the boy hit one of the 2 big boys in the stomach with his knee, the other one got his knee in his head.

"That's not fair! We weren't ready! Fight when we are! like a man!"

"Tch, are you guys ready now? Because here I come." The big boys stood ready with their bats. They tried to hit the other boy but they missed. The boy hit them all the same places but harder this time.

" come on, let's get out of here she's not worth this." The big boys ran away. The boy looked at me. He took me in his arms and carried me home. He knocked on the door and the door opened fast.

"Bell!" Her father yelled.

"What happened?"

"Nothing she's just sleeping. You have to be more careful with her and don't be so harsh on her." The boy said.

" o-okay thank you." The boy walked away.

"Hey wait. What's your name boy?"

"Peter." My dad looked at Peter and then he walked in with me and closed the door..

"I'm going to protect you no matter what bell." Peter said to himself.

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